Obsidian Brood

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NeutralObsidian Brood
Obsidian Brood.jpg
Main leader  Sabellian
Secondary leaders  Broodmother Dracasia
 Samia Inkling
Race(s) IconSmall DragonBlack2.gifIconSmall DrakeBlack2.gifIconSmall WhelpBlack2.gif Black dragon
IconSmall DrakonidBlack2.gif Drakonid
IconSmall SpawnBlack2 Male.gifIconSmall SpawnBlack2 Female.gif Dragonspawn
IconSmall Gronnling.gif Gronnling
Capital Obsidian Throne, Obsidian Citadel
Theater of operations Waking Shores, Blade's Edge Mountains
Language(s) Draconic
Affiliation Black dragonflight
Status Active

The Obsidian Brood,[1] also known as the Outland brood,[2] refers to the group of black dragons that were shepherded and cared for by Sabellian on Outland. Having been originally placed on Draenor by Deathwing, the clutch was abandoned after the mad aspect's plans went awry and the planet later exploded. Having bent Blade's Edge to their will, the Obsidian Brood returned to Azeroth upon the re-awakening of the Dragon Isles. They supported the endeavors of their leader to become the next Aspect of the black dragonflight. With Sabellian's withdrawal from Aspect, however, they still serve him as their general under his brother and new Aspect, Ebyssian.

By unknown means, they have been purged of their Old God corruption, and have also ensured the return of their flight to the world by caretaking a plethora of eggs and whelps.


Beyond the Dark Portal

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During the black dragonflight's alliance with Ner'zhul's Horde, Deathwing intended on storing away eggs on Draenor where they could safely be raised without the risk of being attacked by the black flight's enemies on Azeroth.

Once on Draenor, the black dragons settled into Gorgrond and Frostfire Ridge. They were not there long before they were attacked by Gruul, his offspring, and a small group of Alliance Expedition fighters. Many eggs were destroyed and Deathwing was forced to flee from battle.[3] Deathwing abandoned the planet, though Sabellian and his brood remained.

As the planet was destroyed by Ner'zhul's wanton opening of Dark Portals, many of the dragons were killed in the resulting explosion of Draenor. Many of the eggs that survived were mutated, turning into nether dragon eggs; though Sabellian and his clutch survived. They remained in the blasted ruins of Gorgrond and Frostfire Ridge, what had now become the Blade's Edge Mountains. Despite the many deplorable methods used by his sibling, Nefarian and later Deathwing's prime consort, Sintharia, to rebuild the black dragonflight on Azeroth, Sabellian's steadfast stewardship of the eggs in his care ensured the continuation of the black dragon's lineage, and later ensured their continuation as a flight.[2]

The Burning Crusade

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Sabellian while fighting Goc.

While Deathwing managed to return to Azeroth, Sabellian remained behind on Draenor — now Outland — after the destruction of the Dark Portal. Deathwing entrusted him with safeguarding the black dragons and eggs there.[4] Sabellian became a fierce enemy of Gruul the Dragonkiller and his seven sons, and hated them deeply for killing his own people and children.

Members of the brood, such as the human Samia Inkling and the whelp Baron Sablemane's Blackwhelp were seen, though the actual brood itself was not during this time. They assisted the Cenarion Circle against the Wyrmcult, though this appeared to mainly be in order to secure the whelps the Wyrmcult has been keeping.[5] Sabellian, under the guise of Baron Sablemane, assisted the adventurers in killing two of Gruul's sons: Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater and Goc, reverting to his true dragon form and personally fighting the latter.

At some point, Sabellian found a way to cleanse the dragons on Outland of the Old Gods' corruption.[6] According to Osoria, in the years since Gruul's defeat Sabellian has bent the Blade's Edge Mountains to his will.[7]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

The Obsidian Brood made its first appearance as a proper force during the events of the Waking Shores. Led by Wrathion, one of the last Azerothian black dragons, the Blacktalon led an assault upon the Obsidian Citadel. Arriving just as the battle began, the brood helped to recover the upper courtyard of the Obsidian Citadel and the Obsidian Oathstone.[8][9] In the aftermath, the two heirs of Neltharion began to compete for who would become the next Aspect, supported by their respective factions.[4]

As Sabellian went to deliver the black dragon eggs from Outland to the Ruby Pools, Wrathion insisted on accompanying him. As the pair traveled to the Ruby Lifeshrine via cart, Sabellian insisted they remain incognito, even when Wrathion pointed out that it was obvious that ruse had failed. After various attacks were fended off, the pair were attacked by Thaladrax, who destroyed the cart and the eggs within. An outraged Wrathion viewed this as a sign that the others would see reason and pick their new leader and rushed off to inform Alexstrasza.[10] When the Dragon Queen demanded answers, Sabellian revealed that he had used himself and Wrathion as bait to attract their enemies' attention, while his clutch of black dragons safely traveled by air to deliver the eggs. He then pledged his loyalty and that of his flight as Neltharion's heir to her. However, Alexstrasza was unmoved, recalling how Sabellian had played a part in Deathwing's twisted legacy, to which he had defended as being a matter of duty. Though she took the eggs under her care, she remarked that she would not get involved in their bickering and the matter of Aspectship between them was a matter for the black, not the red, to decide.[11]

The two returned to the Obsidian Citadel to resume their competition for who would become the new aspect. Members of the Obsidian Brood can also be found throughout Valdrakken, visiting the city, and the dragon Mythexthia has also joined the staff of Algeth'ar Academy as a teacher for the black dragonflight.



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  • Sabellian, the in-game faction that the Obsidian Brood supports.


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