Obsidian Outcasts

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NeutralObsidian Outcasts
Obsidian Outcasts.jpg
Dragonbane Keep while under Outcast control.
Main leader IconSmall DrakonidBlack2.gif Boss
Race(s) IconSmall DrakonidBlack2.gif Black drakonid
IconSmall SpawnBlack2 Male.gifIconSmall SpawnBlack2 Female.gif Black dragonspawn
IconSmall Hornswog.gif Hornswog
Capital Dragonbane Keep
Theater of operations Waking Shores
Language(s) Draconic
Affiliation Black dragonflight, Valdrakken Accord
Status Active

The Obsidian Outcasts are a group of black dragonkin that banded together to work on odd jobs and eke out a living. They used to live in Dragonbane Keep, but when the djaradin resurfaced they stole their home from them. The Outcasts resolved to take their home back, and to that end conduct sieges.[1] They periodically reclaim the keep, holding onto it and making it safe for their allies to traverse; though the djaradin tend to re-take the area, only for the Outcasts to re-group and siege it again.


When the Dragons left, the remaining dragonspawn and drakonids were isolated; feeling shunned by the aspects. Visiting the Obsidian Citadel was declared taboo in the absence of the dragons, but Boss and Ribbit wanted to understand the history and heritage of the black dragonflight. They settled in Dragonbane Keep, taking in society's outcasts and making money from odd jobs. When the djaradin awoke, they immediately assailed the keep; taking it from the outcasts and kicking them out of their home. Ribbit claims that most of the outcasts don't care what Sabellian or Wrathion want for the flight; they just want their home back.

The outcasts claim to not care about one's past, and as a result, they take on new names when joining the organization. They do not care if the person was previously a rebel or a hero, the name they get is given to them by their crew that they work with. Once a name is given to that person, their past is considered nothing more than a dead name on a distant wind.

Ribbit was given their name by Two-Eye, as they thought it would be amusing to make them into a hornswog; however, at the time the name Croaker was taken.[2]




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