Legacy of the Aspects

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Legacy of the Aspects is a book contained in The Legacy of the Aspects within the Dor'Danil Barrow Den in Ashenvale.

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Legacy of the Aspects

I have done a great deal of research about the Aspects and their titan creators--as much as any human could in a lifetime. There were five Aspects when the titans left this world; they were mighty dragons tasked with protecting the world of Azeroth. Their tales are vast and varied, and even now, in spite of all the information I have fathered, I know that there is much more to be learned of these magnificent creatures.

Much of the knowledge I have now I could not have possibly learned on my own. Because of this, I am extremely grateful to the night elves. It was only with their help that I have as many details as I do. As a result of our interactions, I am under the impression that their beginnings are much more closely tied to the Aspects than I had first thought. However, they guard their secrets far too closely for even me to know for certain.

The information I learned of the Aspects I put here for others to reference in the future. I know it will prove useful, as I feel that these dragons will have a much greater effect on our world as time goes on.


Alexstrasza, the ancient and powerful Queen of the Dragons, was named the Life-Binder by the titans. She was first to be created by the titans to protect the world after they left. It is said that she witnessed the birth of all modern races upon the face of Azeroth. Her red dragonflight, known for their proud demeanor, once ruled over all over dragonkind.

Rumors among the night elves suggest Alexstrasza and the demigod Cenarius were close friends, and that it was he that called her during the first invasion of the Burning Legion.


Ysera the Dreamer represents mortal subconscious. She encompasses the Emerald Dreaming. While she appreciates the imagination and creation and approves of ambition in the mortal races, her and her dragonflight consider the real world to be just an illusion. Ysera is one of the most graceful and powerful creatures any mortal could lay eyes on.


Malygos is known as the Steward of Magic or the Spell-Weaver. His natural form is not that of a typical dragon, and it is said he can change it at will. Rarely seen after his retreat to the far north, he is almost always in the form of an insect-like creature, but while in dragon form, he and his dragonflight are carrying blues in color.


Nozdormu is known as the Master of Time and the Timeless. He and his dragonflight are bronze in color and display great cunning in all things. Nozdormu’s attention has always been focused on collecting artifacts of the past, as he cares little for the current matters of the mortal races, of even his fellow Aspects’ dealings. His indifference towards the politics of others does not mean he is complacent towards events that transpire throughout the world though.

Considered to be protectors, the bronze dragonflight find themselves greatly attracted to areas of civilization. The dragon and his flight are very patient by nature, always relying on observation and acting with a plan before being hasty. Nozdormu will always attempt to protect the time stream and the mortal races when threatened by greater enemies.


Neltharion, called the Earth-Warder upon his creation, was more loyal and protective of Azeroth than any of the other Aspects. His black dragonflight were responsible for the creation of the mountains and other formations of the lands including boundaries between the mortal races. What caused his corruption still remains a mystery: be it an outside influence or something that rotted from within. I wonder if perhaps the Old Gods didn’t play a hand in the great black’s corruption.

The black dragon underwent a complete transformation; and in the end, Neltharion no longer existed. He became Deathwing, a creature of malice and hatred. No longer the Earth-Warder in the eyes of races like the high elves, he was renamed the Death Aspect and Xaxas in place of his titan-given name. Deathwing is the embodiment of chaos and evil, and is always hungry for destruction. He is arguably the first evil of Azeroth that appeared after the banishment of the Old Gods.

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