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Sepulcher of the First Ones

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Not to be confused with the Sepulcher (a town in Silverpine Forest) or the Sepulcher of Knowledge (a library in Maldraxxus).
Sepulcher of the First Ones
Sepulcher of the First Ones loading screen.png
Location Zereth Mortis
Race(s) IconSmall MawGuard.gifIconSmall MawCaster.gifIconSmall MawNecromancer.gif Mawsworn
IconSmall Broker.gif Broker
IconSmall Constellar.gif Constellar
End boss  The Jailer
Instance info
Type Raid
Level 60
Player limit 10 - 30
Cross-faction? Cross-faction allowed

The Sepulcher of the First Ones is the final raid instance of the Shadowlands expansion, located east of Zereth Mortis. It is an ancient place of power, containing secrets of the eponymous First Ones that the Jailer seeks to use to rewrite the rules of the universe.[1]


The Sepulcher's exterior.

The Sepulcher is a place that should not be able to exist according to the laws of physics as they are known on Azeroth.[1] Prior to the Jailer's attack, the Sepulcher's location was a closely guarded secret. The attendants of Korthia were forbidden from discussing it, even with allies.[2]

Long ago, the Jailer sought to unmake the balance of the cosmos[3] and tried to claim the sigils of the other Eternal Ones, believing that they were keys to forbidden knowledge[4] locked within the Sepulcher that would allow him to unravel the cosmos.[3] The Primus believed that if the Jailer obtained all five sigils, nothing would be able to stop him from reaching the Sepulcher.[5][6] The Primus was eventually proven right, when the Jailer managed to collect all five sigils and opened a portal to Zereth Mortis from Oribos.[7][8]

The brokers of Cartel Ba[9] and Cartel Al have also been looking for the Sepulcher.[10] The Al outbid Cartel Ta on leading an expedition to search for the Sepulcher. The mission was believed to have ended in failure,[11] but in reality, the seekers found Zereth Mortis and became the Enlightened.[1]

Adventure Guide

The Jailer has breached the Sepulcher, the mysterious heart of the Shadowlands. Should he control its primordial power, he will reshape the cosmos with Death at the fore. As Zovaal prepares to dominate reality, champions of Azeroth charge forth to stop him. Will their resolve outmatch his?


Ephemeral Plains

The essence of creation is being devoured. If left unchecked, reality will collapse.

Cornerstone of Creation

Lihuvim fights a losing battle against domination. Unless saved, the keeper's power will become the Jailer's.

Domination's Grasp

Zovaal's greatest followers have destroyed millions of civilations[sic]. Will they now unmake the universe?

The Grand Design

Zovaal sits on the cusp of ultimate victory. Unless stopped, the cosmos will succumb to his power.

Opening dates

To queue for Raid Finder wings, an average item level of 220 is required.

Date opened Mode Wing/Bosses
1 March 2022 Normal/Heroic First 8 bosses available
8 March 2022 Raid Finder/Normal/Heroic/Mythic Remaining bosses from Normal and Heroic available, Raid Finder Ephemeral Plains, Mythic unlocked
22 March 2022 Raid Finder Cornerstone of Creation
5 April 2022 Raid Finder Domination's Grasp
19 April 2022 Raid Finder  [The Grand Design]

Getting there

Gaining full access to the Ancient Translocator is unlocked from N [60] The Pilgrimage Ends, as part of the fourth chapter of  [Secrets of the First Ones].



Items in the raid drop at two item levels per difficulty: the first eight bosses drop at one item level, and the last two (Kel'Thuzad and Sylvanas Windrunner) drop at a higher item level.

Item levels
Difficulty First eight Last three
Raid Finder 239 246
Normal 252 259
Heroic 265 272
Mythic 278 285

Notable drops

Beyond the normal item drops, there are a handful of unique items or item effects that are found in the raid.

Notable drops
Item Source Notes
 [Gavel of the First Arbiter] The Jailer Two-hand mace, special effect
 [Sepulcher's Savior] Vigilant Guardian Shield with special effect
 [Antumbra, Shadow of the Cosmos] Rygelon Intellect dagger with special effect
 [Genesis Lathe] Lihuvim Intellect mace with special effect
 [Soulwarped Seal of Menethil] Anduin Wrynn Death knight ring
 [Soulwarped Seal of Wrynn] Anduin Wrynn Priest ring
 [Fractal Cypher of the Zereth Overseer] The Jailer Unique mount




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