Exploring Azeroth: Pandaria

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For other books in this series, see Exploring Azeroth.
Exploring Azeroth: Pandaria
World of Warcraft Exploring Azeroth Pandaria cover.jpg
Author(s) Alex Acks
Artist(s) Various
Pages 160
Publisher(s) Blizzard Entertainment
Publication date October 17, 2023
Format(s) Hardcover
Retail price US: $25.00
ISBN 10 1956916296
ISBN 13 978-1956916294
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Exploring Azeroth: Pandaria is an official Warcraft book by Alex Acks presenting information on Pandaria. It is the fourth book of the Exploring Azeroth series, released on 17 October, 2023.



"Tranquil and verdant, the ancient home of the pandaren is bursting with beauty, magic, and stories waiting to be told. Join The Wild Dog, Li Li Stormstout, her uncle, Chen Stormstout, and their old friend Catelyn the Blade as they wander the land seeking adventure and revelation, and learning what it means to leave—and return—home. From the lush Jade Forest to the warmth of the Wandering Isle, explore new lore and incredible artwork showcasing Pandaria, its peoples, and the powerful armor and artifacts found there. Exploring Azeroth: Pandaria is your next step in a breathtaking trek across Azeroth."[1]


Appearances and mentions


Francesca Baerald, Dave Greco, Justin Kauffman, Joseph Lacroix, Mats Myrvold, Jordan Powers, Surfside3D artists, Bayard Wu.

Notes and trivia

  • The book features the art of adult Li Li Stormstout.

Mistakes and inconsistencies

Given the fact that the entries are written from the characters's point of view, these could, theoretically, be considered as in-universe mistakes instead of retcons.

  • The book claims the Ruins of Dojan as potentially being the "Dojani Dungeons", while the older The Lost Dynasty in-game book writes "Dojanni Dungeons". It is unclear if the former is a spelling typo or change in canonical naming.
  • Shen-zin Su, a giant turtle, is referred to as a great dragon turtle.
  • Li Li notes that the portal to Darnassus in the Incursion has been repaired and that people can come and go as they please now. However, Darnassus was destroyed during the Burning of Teldrassil, so a portal to it would be of little use. This is likely an oversight.
  • When describing the Alliance attack on Garrosh'ar Point Li Li incorrectly declares that the commander was a man, when in reality that the commander was a female.
  • Li Li observes that the Kirin Tor and Sunreaver forces on the Isle of Thunder appear to have formed a truce, and that hostilities have cooled to friendly competition. The Sunreavers rejoined the Kirin Tor in World of Warcraft: Legion, which she makes no mention of. If not a continuity error, Li Li could just be conflating her blood elf factions: contrary to its namesake, the Sunreaver Onslaught was spearheaded by the leaders of Silvermoon; it stands to reason that Dawnseeker Promontory and Violet Rise are still maintained independently.


Pre-release excerpt pages


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