Blackrock Foundry

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Blackrock Foundry
Blackrock Foundry loading screen.jpg
Location Gorgrond
Race(s) Mag'har orcMag'har orc Orc
IconSmall DireOrc.gif Dire orc
IconSmall Ogron.gif Ogron
IconSmall Magnaron.gif Magnaron
IconSmall Gronn.gif Gronn
IconSmall Goren.gif Goren
IconSmall FireFury.gif Furies
End boss IconSmall Blackhand2.gif Blackhand
Instance info
Type Raid
Level 40
Player limit 10-30
The Blackrock Foundry overlooking The Pit.

Blackrock Foundry is a raid instance introduced in Warlords of Draenor. It has 10 bosses, and serves as the source of Tier 17 gear. The entrance is in Gorgrond, and the raid was open on February 3, 2015.


The foundry has a shipyard where the dreadnaughts of the Iron Horde are forged and assembled before being sent to the Iron Docks.[1]

After the fall of Blackhand, the Iron Horde under the new leader, Gul'dan, retreated from the foundry to Iron Docks and from there to Tanaan.[2] It was still active as new munitions, cannons and supplies of parts for the Iron Reaver were being sent to Tanaan's Hellfire Citadel.[3][4][5]

Adventure Guide

This foundry was the ancestral home of the Blackrock orcs, wherein master smiths smelted and worked the impossibly hard ore that is the clan's namesake. Now, massive giants captured and broken by the Thunderlord heat the great forges, flamebenders of the Burning Blade imbue the ore with an inner fire, and engineers shape the slag according to otherworldly schematics. Warlord Blackhand's foundry is the center of the Iron Horde's military might, churning out the weaponry that will be used to raze Azeroth.



Only the unnatural heat of the Foundry furnace can smelt the Blackrock ore, essential to the might of the Iron Horde.

The Black Forge

Deep within the Blackrock Foundry, brutal and giant creatures temper and forge the machinery of war for the Iron Horde.

Iron Assembly

The extent of the Iron Horde's arms and armaments is a terrible sight to behold.

Blackhand's Crucible

Atop the Blackrock Foundry, Warlord Blackhand oversees his clan's ancestral home amidst searing heat that only he can bear.

Opening dates

Date opened (US) Mode Wing/bosses Required achievement
3 Feb 2015 Normal All None
3 Feb 2015 Heroic All None
10 Feb 2015 Mythic All None
17 Feb 2015 Raid Finder  [Slagworks] None
24 Feb 2015 Raid Finder  [Black Forge] Slagworks
10 Mar 2015 Raid Finder  [Iron Assembly] The Black Forge
24 Mar 2015 Raid Finder  [Blackhand's Crucible] Iron Assembly

Getting there

Fly to Skysea Ridge ([39.6, 36.6]) in Gorgrond, then run south of The Pit. Turn north on the pit's east edge, then keep heading north to get to the Meeting Stone at [51.7, 29.0] and the instance line.

The nearest Ogre Waygate is at [58.0, 34.4] in Everbloom Wilds, just past the Grimrail Depot instance line.

Maps and subregions



Wing Bosses Mobs

The Workshop


Gruul's Lair

Blackrock Depository

The Blast Furnace


The Black Forge

Slagmill Press

Burning Font

The Great Anvil

  • Boss  Kromog <Legend of the Mountain>

Iron Assembly

The Breaking Grounds

Foundry Terminus

Dread Grotto


The Crucible



The gear from Blackrock Foundry starts at 655 Item Level (Raid Finder) with an additional 15 ilvls for each increase in difficulty. Each piece of gear has the chance to have a gem socket, bonus stat, or be Warforged for an additional 6 item levels. Players on the legendary ring quest line also have a chance to receive 9, 18, or 27 Elemental Runes from each boss kill.

Boss Raid Finder Normal/Heroic/Mythic
Item Type Item Type
Gruul  [Gaze of the Gronn Killer] Leather helmet Caster staff
 [Cloak of Unfulfilled Potential] Strength cloak Strength one-hand sword
 [Spelunker's Chestguard] Mail chest Cloth helmet
 [Gruul's Smallest Shackles] Plate bracers Mail helmet
 [Grips of Shackled Power] Leather gloves Agility necklace
 [Delver's Belt] Mail belt Caster necklace
 [Rockfall Girdle] Cloth belt Mail shoulders
 [Cave Smasher Leggings] Cloth leggings Tank cloak
 [Eye of the Gronn] Agility ring Caster cloak
Leather chest
Plate bracers
Cloth boots
Strength ring
Agility trinket
Oregorger  [Oregorger's Blackrock Shanker] Agility dagger Agility staff
 [Oregorger's Venomous Canine] Strength one-hand sword Agility dagger
 [Acid-Munched Greathelm] Plate helmet Caster off-hand
 [Slag-Coated Cabochon] Caster necklace Leather helmet
 [Greatcloak of Insatiable Hunger] Tank cloak Tank necklace
 [Bracers of Satiation] Mail bracers Plate shoulders
 [Bracers of Unending Consumption] Cloth bracers Spirit cloak
 [Roilgut Gauntlets] Mail gloves Tank cloak
 [Barrage Blaster Belt] Leather belt Plate chest
 [Waistplate of Caustic Spittle] Plate belt Cloth gloves
 [Chasmwalker Sandals] Cloth boots Mail leggings
Agility ring
DPS caster trinket
The Blast Furnace  [Spire of Pyroclastic Flame] Agility staff Strength two-hand axe
 [Flickering Lantern Wisp] Caster off-hand Crossbow
 [Pyroclastic Hood] Cloth helm Mail helm
 [Spaulders of Tempered Fury] Leather shoulders Plate helm
 [Chest of Heaving Bellows] Mail chest Agility necklace
 [Bracers of Searing Heat] Cloth bracers Spirit necklace
 [Gauntlets of Electrocution] Plate gloves Cloth bracers
 [Grips of the Ruptured Furnace] Mail gloves Plate bracers
 [Raging Pyroclasm Leggings] Leather leggings Leather boots
 [Firecaller's Scorched Seal] Tank ring Mail boots
 [Furyheart Talisman] DPS caster trinket Tank trinket
 [Ebonflame Leggings] Cloth leggings Spirit trinket
 [Sootfur Legwraps] Leather leggings Armor token
 [Ashlink Legguards] Mail leggings Armor token
 [Blacksteel Legplates] Plate leggings Armor token
 [Heart of the Fury] Quest item
Iron Assembly
Boss Raid Finder Normal/Heroic/Mythic
Item Type Item Type
Beastlord Darmac  [Dreaded Wing] Spirit cloak Agility polearm
 [Heartsmasher Chestplate] Plate chest Caster shield
 [Robes of Brutal Tantrums] Cloth chest Tank necklace
 [Beastmaster's Iron Bracers] Mail bracers Spirit cloak
 [Waistplate of Soothed Beasts] Plate belt Leather chest
 [Legguards of the Unstoppable Charge] Leather leggings Mail bracers
 [Rylakk-Rider's Legguards] Mail leggings Leather gloves
 [Black Iron Spurs] Leather boots Plate belt
 [Treads of the Flaming Maw] Cloth boots Cloth belt
 [Thunderlord Trainer's Insignia] Strength ring Mail leggings
Cloth boots
Caster ring
Strength ring
DPS caster trinket
Spirit trinket
Operator Thogar  [Thogar's Imperialistic Spire] Caster staff Strength polearm
 [Crack-Shot Longrifle] Gun Caster off-hand
 [Spaulders of Soothing Flame] Cloth shoulders Strength necklace
 [Deadshot Longcloak] Agility cloak Cloth chest
 [Grips of Cauterization] Cloth gloves Cloth bracers
 [Raider's Spikeholder Belt] Mail belt Leather bracers
 [Sniper's Ammo Belt] Leather belt Leather belt
 [Waistplate of Obliteration] Plate belt Mail belt
 [Gunnery Sergeant's Legplates] Plate leggings Plate boots
 [Lava Shock Seal] Spirit ring Mail boots
 [Ebonflame Spaulders] Cloth shoulders Spirit ring
 [Sootfur Shoulderguards] Leather shoulders Tank ring
 [Ashlink Pauldrons] Mail shoulders Armor token
 [Blacksteel Shoulderplates] Plate shoulders Armor token
Armor token
The Iron Maidens  [Battle Medic's Wand] Caster wand Caster one-hand axe
 [Bombardeer's Targeting Helm] Mail helm Agility fist weapon
 [Grapeshot Hood] Leather helm Gun
 [Vortex Plate Helm] Plate helm Leather helm
 [Sorka's Ear Collection] Strength necklace Strength cloak
 [Gauntlets of Flickering Blades] Leather gloves Agility cloak
 [Deckhand's Cord] Cloth belt Plate chest
 [Incendiary Leggings] Cloth leggings Mail bracers
 [Rogg's Earthen Legguards] Mail leggings Cloth belt
 [Impaler's Greatboots] Plate boots Plate belt
 [Blackheart Enforcer's Medallion] Agility trinket Cloth leggings
 [Ebonflame Grips] Cloth gloves Leather boots
 [Sootfur Gauntlets] Leather gloves Caster ring
 [Ashlink Gloves] Mail gloves Strength trinket
 [Blacksteel Gauntlets] Plate gloves Armor token
Armor token
Armor token
 [Draenic Thaumaturgical Orb] Quest item
Black Forge
Boss Raid Finder Normal/Heroic/Mythic
Item Type Item Type
Hans'gar and Franzok  [Fresh-Face Hood] Cloth helmet Caster one-hand mace
 [Choker of Infinite Durability] Spirit necklace Agility one-hand mace
 [Elbow Drop Spaulders] Plate shoulders Plate helmet
 [Scorchburn Cloak] Caster cloak Strength necklace
 [Blood-Binder Chestguard] Leather chest Cloth shoulders
 [Brawler Brother's Bracers] Leather bracers Mail shoulders
 [Drop Kickers] Mail boots Mail chest
 [Heel Protectors] Plate boots Cloth chest
Plate gloves
Leather belt
Tank ring
Spirit ring
Tank trinket
Flamebender Ka'graz  [Magma Monsoon Mace] Agility one-hand mace Strength two-hand sword
 [Steelbringer's Polished Shield] Caster shield Caster dagger
 [Maw of Charring Breath] Plate helmet Agility dagger
 [Choker of Oozing Wounds] Tank necklace Caster necklace
 [Scorched Gauntlet Liners] Leather bracers Tank necklace
 [Lava-Crushing Grips] Plate gloves Leather shoulders
 [Bloodsteel Warbelt] Mail belt Strength cloak
 [Cinderhide Belt] Leather belt Plate gloves
 [Magma-Mauled Leggings] Mail leggings Mail gloves
 [Fixated Treads] Cloth boots Plate leggings
 [Captured Flickerspark] Spirit trinket Cloth leggings
 [Ebonflame Robes] Cloth chest Mail boots
 [Sootfur Harness] Leather chest Agility ring
 [Ashlink Hauberk] Mail chest Tank ring
 [Blacksteel Chestplate] Plate chest Strength trinket
Armor token
Armor token
Armor token
 [Flamebender's Tome] Quest item
Kromog  [Axe of the Stone Geyser] Strength two-hand axe Caster one-hand sword
 [Earthbound Shield] Tank shield Strength one-hand mace
 [Rockbreaker Warcap] Mail helm Tank shield
 [Erupting Mantle] Mail shoulders Spirit necklace
 [Chestguard of Allegorical Shadows] Leather chest Cloth shoulders
 [Chestplate of Runed Earth] Plate chest Agility cloak
 [Robes of Living Earth] Cloth chest Caster cloak
 [Reverberating Bracers] Plate bracers Leather bracers
 [Thundersmash Gloves] Cloth gloves Cloth gloves
 [Slam Jammers] Leather boots Mail belt
 [Ring of Shattered Faults] Caster ring Plate boots
 [Stoneheart Idol] Tank trinket Tank ring
 [Ebonflame Sandals] Cloth boots Agility trinket
 [Sootfur Stompers] Leather boots Armor token
 [Ashlink Treads] Mail boots Armor token
 [Blacksteel Greatboots] Plate boots Armor token
The Crucible
Boss Raid Finder Normal/Heroic/Mythic
Item Type Item Type
Blackhand  [Blackhand Forgehammer] Strength two-hand mace Caster staff
 [Dagger of the Shattered Crucible] Caster dagger Strength two-hand mace
 [Spiked Foundry Collar] Agility necklace Agility one-hand mace
 [Deathmark Shoulderguards] Mail shoulders Cloth helmet
 [Forgestoker's Shoulderpads] Cloth shoulders Plate shoulders
 [Spaulders of Erupting Iron] Leather shoulders Mail chest
 [Spaulders of the Iron Crucible] Plate shoulders Leather leggings
 [Flamestoker Wraps] Cloth gloves Spirit trinket
 [Bomb-Carrier's Harness] Leather belt Stamina trinket
 [Ironshatter Legplates] Plate leggings Intellect trinket
 [Ram-Carrier's Treads] Mail boots Strength trinket
 [Storage House Key] Strength trinket Agility trinket
 [Ebonflame Hood] Cloth helmhelmet Quest item
 [Sootfur Cap] Leather helmet Quest item
 [Ashlink Coif] Mail helmet Quest item
 [Blacksteel Casque] Plate helmet  [Ironhoof Destroyer] Mount (Mythic only)
 [Blackhand's Severed Arm] Quest item
Trash mobs
Item Type
Mail bracers
Cloth bracers
Leather bracers
Plate bracers
Plate boots
Cloth boots
Leather boots
Mail boots


  • At some point, the Alliance and Horde extracted oil from the foundry.[6]
  • Fiery puppies were also located here.[7]
  • In the future Gorgrond, Blackrock Foundry's rails are connected to Hellsreach Citadel.
  • Blackhand crafted the weapons  [Anguish] and  [Sorrow] in his foundry,[8] which may have been the main-universe Blackrock Foundry.



Patch changes

  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.2.0 (2015-06-23): A raid-wide debuff has been added to reduce damage dealt by all creatures and NPCs in Highmaul and Blackrock Foundry on Normal, Heroic, and Mythic difficulty.
  • Warlords of Draenor Patch 6.0.2 (2014-10-14): Added.


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