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This page lists current warrior-specific quests in World of Warcraft.

Exile's Reach

These quests are only available to warriors who begin their journey on Exile's Reach. For warriors who begin in other starting zones, [Execute] is learned by leveling up instead.

  1. B Warrior [1-10] A Warrior's End
  2. B Warrior [1-10] Hjalmar's Final Execution
    Reward: [Execute]

General class quests

The lower-level quest chains in this section do not need to be completed in order to start the higher-level ones.

Azuremyst Isle (Alliance-only)
  1. A Warrior [1-30] Strength of One
  2. A Warrior [1-30] Behomat
    Reward:  [Mercenary Greatsword],  [Mercenary Clout],  [Mercenary Sword], or  [Mercenary Stiletto]
Shadowfang Keep
  1. A Warrior [8-30] A Summons from Signilda Hardforge / H Warrior [8-30] Gormok Ogrefist (breadcrumb)
  2. B Warrior [8-30D] A Fitting Weapon
Blackrock Depths
  1. A Warrior [20-30] Meet with Signilda Hardforge / H Warrior [20-30] Meet with Gormok Ogrefist (breadcrumb)
  2. B Warrior [20-30D] A Dangerous Alliance

Class order campaign

Legion introduced a large number of class-specific quests centered on each class's class order and class hall. Rewards from the warrior campaign include access to the Skyhold class hall; three artifact weapons and an additional appearance for each; part of the Battlelord's Plate set; the Battlelord title; and, ultimately, the [Battlelord's Bloodthirsty War Wyrm] class mount.

Classic quests

Trainer introduction

Defensive Stance

Elwynn Forest
  1. A Warrior [10] A Warrior's Training
  2. A Warrior [10] Bartleby the Drunk
  3. A Warrior [10] Beat Bartleby
  4. A Warrior [10] Bartleby's Mug
  5. A Warrior [10] Marshal Haggard
  6. A Warrior [10] Dead-tooth Jack
  7. Reward: [Defensive Stance], [Taunt], [Sunder Armor], One of  [Haggard's Axe],  [Haggard's Hammer],  [Haggard's Dagger], or  [Haggard's Sword]
Dun Morogh
  1. A Warrior [10] Muren Stormpike
  2. A Warrior [11] Vejrek
  3. A Warrior [11] Tormus Deepforge
  4. A Warrior [11] Ironband's Compound
  5. A Warrior [10] Grey Iron weapons
  6. Reward: [Defensive Stance], [Taunt], [Sunder Armor], One of  [Umbral Axe],  [Umbral Mace],  [Umbral Dagger], or  [Umbral Sword]
  1. A Warrior [10] Elanaria
  2. A Warrior [10] Vorlus Vilehoof
  3. A Warrior [10] The Shade of Elura
  4. A Warrior [10] Smith Mathiel
  5. A Warrior [10] Weapons of Elunite
  6. Reward: [Defensive Stance], [Taunt], [Sunder Armor], One of  [Elunite Axe],  [Elunite Hammer],  [Elunite Dagger], or  [Elunite Sword]
The Barrens
  1. H Warrior [10] Veteran Uzzek
  2. H Warrior [10] Path of Defense
  3. H Warrior [10] Thun'grim Firegaze
  4. H Warrior [10] Forged Steel
  5. Reward: [Defensive Stance], [Taunt], [Sunder Armor], One of  [Thun'grim's Axe],  [Thun'grim's Mace],  [Thun'grim's Dagger], or  [Thun'grim's Sword]
Tirisfal Glades
  1. H Warrior [10] Speak with Dillinger
  2. H Warrior [10] Ulag the Cleaver
  3. H Warrior [10] Speak with Coleman
  4. H Warrior [11] Agamand Heirlooms
  5. H Warrior [11] Heirloom Weapon
  6. Reward: [Defensive Stance], [Taunt], [Sunder Armor], One of  [Heirloom Axe],  [Heirloom Hammer],  [Heirloom Dagger], or  [Heirloom Sword]

Fire Hardened/Brutal Armor

  1. A Warrior [20] Yorus Barleybrew (begins in Stormwind, Ironforge, or Darnassus)
  2. A Warrior [22] The Rethban Gauntlet
  3. A Warrior [22] The Shieldsmith
  4. A Warrior [28G] Fire Hardened Mail
  5. A Warrior [28] Furen's Armor
Completing Fire Hardened Mail opens up three additional quest chains:
  1. Reward:  [Fire Hardened Hauberk],  [Fire Hardened Leggings],  [Fire Hardened Gauntlets],  [Fire Hardened Coif]
  1. H Warrior [20] Speak with Ruga
  2. H Warrior [20] Trial at the Field of Giants
  3. H Warrior [20] Speak with Thun'grim
  4. H Warrior [30] Brutal Armor
  5. H Warrior [30] Brutal Hauberk

Completing Brutal Hauberk opens up three additional quest chains:

  1. Reward:  [Brutal Hauberk],  [Brutal Legguards],  [Brutal Gauntlets],  [Brutal Helm]

Berserker Stance/Whirlwind Weapons

  1. N Warrior [30] The Islander
  2. N Warrior [30] The Affray
  3. N Warrior [30] The Windwatcher
  4. N Warrior [40] Cyclonian
  5. N Warrior [40G] The Summoning
  6. N Warrior [40] Whirlwind Weapon
  7. Reward: [Berserker Stance], [Intercept], one of  [Whirlwind Axe],  [Whirlwind Sword],  [Whirlwind Warhammer]

Sunken Temple

  1. N Warrior [52] A Troubled Spirit
  2. N Warrior [52] Warrior Kinship
  3. N Warrior [52] War on the Shadowsworn
  4. N Warrior [52D] Voodoo Feathers
  5. Reward: One of  [Fury Visor],  [Diamond Flask],  [Razorsteel Shoulders]