The Kosh'harg

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HordeThe Kosh'harg

The Kosh'harg in Razor Hill
Start Aggra[54.37, 78.6]
End Farseer Aggralan[52.21, 43]
Level 50-70
Category Heritage
Race IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif Orc
Previous H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] A People in Need of Healing
Next H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] The Blessing of the Land,
H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] The Blessing of the Clan,
H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] The Blessing of the Ancestors


The saddled wind riders in the Valley of Strength.

Travel to the Kosh'harg in Razor Hill and begin the om'gora, the rite of honor.


The Kosh'harg will be held in Razor Hill. Go'el and Eitrigg are gathering the clans as we speak.

We will have to part ways for now. You must begin mentally preparing yourself for the om'gora--the rite of honor. It is my task to make sure it is a worthy challenge, even for you.

I will call our wind riders to carry my family to the Kosh'harg. You may travel with them, or meet us there.


You will receive:


Your om'gora has begun. May the spirits guide you to victory.


Flying to Razor Hill.

On accept, Aggra, Durak, and Rehze walk out of the Broken Tusk into the Valley of Strength, where an Armored Wind Rider and two Grand Wind Riders are waiting.

Aggra says: <Name>, I have much to attend before the Kosh'harg. If you would not mind, perhaps you could take Durak and Rehze to Razor Hill?
Aggra says: I am certain Durak has much to say to you.
Durak says: Mother!
Aggra says: I will see you at the Kosh'harg, my friend.

Aggra mounts one of the Grand Wind Riders and flies away. The player can choose to fly to Razor Hill on their own, but if not, they can talk to the Armored Wind Rider:

<The wyvern patiently awaits its rider. Will you fly to Razor Hill with Durak and Rehze?>
Gossip <Ride the Wind Rider to Razor Hill.>

The player mounts the wyvern while Durak and Rehze hop up on the remaining Grand Wind Rider. The wyverns take off and fly south.

Durak says: A new rite of passage! Are you excited? I would be.
Durak says: Drek'Thar said I'll know my path when I go through it myself. That I shouldn't worry.
Durak says: But I'm not stupid. Everyone expects me to be a shaman like my parents!
Durak says: What if the spirits don't call to me? What if I don't want to be a shaman? What then?
Durak says: If I'm honest... I hope that watching you complete this rite will spark something in me.
Durak says: Maybe you'll show me where I should go.
Durak says: Um, no pressure though.
Durak says: We're here! I'll watch Rehze. You should go find my mother!

The wind riders arrive at the northern entrance to Razor Hill and eject their passengers. Durak and Rehze remain standing where they land.

During this questline, Razor Hill is placed in a special phase for the Kosh'harg. Feast tables (empty for now) fill the central crossroads, large piles of "Stack of Supplies" objects have appeared here and there, and the banners of the major clans (Blackrock, Bleeding Hollow, Dragonmaw, Frostwolf, Shattered Hand, and Warsong) have been put up around the area. In addition to Razor Hill's normal inhabitants, an impressive number of named visitors (listed further down the page) have come to attend the festival, including almost every living orc character of note. Most of them have unique dialogue (also listed further down the page).

The chieftains assembled before Farseer Aggralan at the burrow.

Aggra, now called Farseer Aggralan, stands in front of the town's burrow with the leaders of the major clans—Eitrigg (Blackrock), Jorin Deadeye (Bleeding Hollow), Gorgonna (Warsong), Thega Graveblade (Shattered Hand), Thrall (Frostwolf), and Gorfax Angerfang (Dragonmaw)—assembled in front of her. Speak to Aggralan:

<Aggra has changed into ceremonial garb and paint. She looks at you sternly, but briefly flashes a kind smile. She is now officiating your rite.>
Hail, <name>. The clans have been called to the Kosh'harg, and have gathered to witness your om'gora. Are you ready to begin?
Gossip I am ready.
Gossip Let's skip the formalities. <Skip conversation.>
Farseer Aggralan says: I, Farseer Aggralan of the Frostwolves, call to the clans. Are they assembled?
Thrall says: The clans have assembled! We answer the call!
Farseer Aggralan says: I call to our ancestors--may they bless this gathering of old and new.
Aggra with her totems.
Aggralan summons the Totem of Fire, Totem of Earth, Totem of Air, Totem of Water, and Totem of Spirits around her. Durak and Rehze approach and stand next to Eitrigg.
Farseer Aggralan says: The first Kosh'harg of Azeroth has begun!
Farseer Aggralan says: And with this gathering, a new rite of passage--the om'gora. This champion has earned the honor of being the first to attempt it.
Farseer Aggralan says: Let the spirits guide you, <name>. May you walk with honor.
The chieftains walk away into the Razor Hill Barracks.

Turn in to Aggralan. On completion:

Farseer Aggralan says: The om'gora--a rite of honor, earned by three blessings. Of the clan, of the land, and of the ancestors.
Farseer Aggralan says: When all three have been earned, you will understand what it means to be an orc.

After the quest, Aggralan gets new gossip text:

May the spirits guide you to success in your om'gora.


The following list is sorted roughly after the NPCs' location. Does not include Razor Hill's normal NPCs.

Present throughout town:

At the town's northern entrance:

Near the blacksmith and armor vendors:

In the central feast area:

In front of the inn:

Around the inn:

Near Cook Torka's fire:

Near the battle pet trainer:

On the northern side of the Razor Hill Barracks:

At the entrance to the Barracks:

Near the flight master:

At the town's southern entrance:

South side of the burrow:

On the north side of the burrow:

Assembled in front of the burrow:


Sorted in alphabetical order for ease of reading.

Arcweaver Kashra
I, like many other orcs, was disconnected from my clan when my parents were taken into internment camps.
They were Frostwolf, and named me for the venerable Mother Kashur. I know little else.
I will use this opportunity to try and reconnect with my heritage.
I hope it was not a mistake that I came. I wanted to support my father's dream to restore the Kosh'harg, but everyone here is... staring.
Gossip What happened to you?
During our incursion into Tanaan Jungle to defeat the Iron Horde, I interrupted the Bleeding Hollow's blood magic ritual, stealing its power for myself.
It granted me great strength, at the cost of this hulking, aberrant form. I have... avoided contact with most of the Horde since.
So far my father and I have found no cure, but we have not yet tried asking the Bleeding Hollow here for help. Jorin Deadeye is attending the Kosh'harg, yes?
Arnak Fireblade
Mordak and I have come to represent the Burning Blade clan. We are among its last living members loyal to the Horde.
But we were not expecting Lantresor of the Blade to come! He is a legend among our clan!
Will you... introduce us? He is quite intimidating...
Boss Magor
I have been asked to run logistics for the Kosh'harg, and make sure everything is ready in time for the feast.
There's still a lot to do! You peons had best GET TO IT!
Captain Galvangar
How does Thrall stand the heat in Durotar? I feel like I'm boiling alive!
Wow, I've never seen so many orcs in one place before! This is amazing!
It warms my heart that so many orcs have joined us for the Kosh'harg. Thank you for helping me achieve this.
Far'kul Flametongue
Step right up! I have all the finest herbs and spices from Azeroth and beyond!
Some of these were... challenging to procure, but you'll find none finer!
Garona Halforcen
Greetings, <name>. I decided the first kosh'harg of Azeroth was an event worthy of coming out of seclusion for.
I am intrigued that so many orcs answered the call, and that none of them are fighting each other.
Not yet, anyway.
Gorfax Angerfang
The Dragonmaw have had many disagreements with Thrall in the past. I hope this Kosh'harg will do much to unite us again.
I am honored to be representing my clan at the first kosh'harg of Azeroth! I only wish... I wish my sister were still here to see it.
Gossip I did not know you were from the Warsong clan.
Aye. I fought in the Warsong Offensive to honor my family's memory.
My parents were Warsong, and chose to bring my sister and I through the Dark Portal as children. Grommash did not approve of this, and exiled us from his camp.
The four of us wandered the wilderness, eventually finding ourselves ambushed by human soldiers in Arathi. My parents were slain, and Krenna and I were thrown in Durnholde.
Gossip And then what happened?
After the camps were freed, Krenna and I followed Thrall to Durotar. We lost contact with our relatives still in the Warsong. We became soldiers of the Horde, and nothing else. We quickly climbed the ranks. After Krenna's death, the Horde was all I had.
After the fall of Garrosh Hellscream, my uncle Gargok reached out, wishing to make our family whole again. The Warsong were shattered by what Garrosh had become. I went to them in Ashenvale, and found a new place to belong. I eventually proved my strength to all of them through a mak'gora, and now I lead the Warsong.
I will never allow us to lose our honor again.
I do hope the Dragonmaw can find a true place within the Horde after all these years.
There has been more than enough strife between the orcs. May it finally be done.
Herezegor Flametusk
I cannot believe that Thrall would extend an olive branch to the Dragonmaw like this. After our years in the Dark Horde, and Warlord Zaela commanding our forces under Hellscream?
This must be some sort of trick!
High Warlord Cromush
I feel out of my element here, <name>.
I would much rather be leading these orcs in the field of battle, instead of rubbing elbows at some party. Pah.
Innkeeper Grosk
I haven't seen Razor Hill this busy since the last time someone tried to invade Orgrimmar!
Jorin Deadeye
This is my first time visiting Durotar and Orgrimmar. I should have come much sooner.
Kolgar Flameguard
I wish Duroz was here to see this... so many orcs from all over, together.
Though I wonder if he would have avoided his former clan. The least I can do is inform them of his passing.
Don't mind us. We always get to arguing about which brews are better when we get together like this.
Lantresor of the Blade
So this is Azeroth, and this is the "New Horde", hm? The orcs have made a decent home for themselves here.
It appears there is even room for us half-breeds at this new Kosh'harg. I see Garona, and the Mok'nathal.
I hope Blackhand is rolling in his grave.
I was surprised when Thrall reached out with an invitation to the Kosh'harg. The Mok'nathal have never been included before--we were considered half-breeds by the Old Horde. Lesser than true orcs.
In our isolation in Outland, I did not realize how much had truly changed. It may be time for an earnest discussion with my son.
Lok-tar, <name>.
Thank you for the part you played in bringing the orcs together like this.
Mallia the Seer
In the spirit of fellowship among orcs, Artesh and I have been extended an invitation to join the Earthen Ring by the new Farseer, Aggralan.
So the Frostwolf of Outland says, but old prejudices are not so easily put down among the orcs of Azeroth.
I will spend time scrying the outcomes before we decide. Despite our personal feelings, we must do as the spirits will.
Being here among friends, a real community gathering, with Mahka at my side...
This feels good. For a long time, I didn't know if I would ever feel good again.
So few of us have chosen the path of the mage. I am glad to see Kashra flourishing.
She was almost not given the chance. It was only through Thrall's intervention that the remaining Arcweavers were not executed for treason after the Siege of Orgrimmar.
He saw potential in orcs able to wield the arcane, an area where the Alliance and their Kirin Tor have always been dominant. He thought it a waste to dispose of what could be a valuable resource.
I will forever be grateful for his compassion and wisdom.
It is good to be among Frostwolves again! My station in Thrallmar has kept me away for too long.
And Thrall's children are here! This is my first time meeting the younglings. I expect great things from those two!
Nazgrim, to non-death knights
Hail, <name>. This is quite the gathering you have put together.
I have not spoken to many of these orcs since... the events that led to my death.
But I suppose I am not the only one out of place here, and we all appear welcome. We will see if the living can let bygones be bygones.
Nazgrim, to death knights
Hail, Deathlord. This is quite the gathering you have put together.
I have not spoken to many of these orcs since... the events that led to my death.
But I suppose I am not the only one out of place here, and we all appear welcome. They even accept you as their champion!
We will see if the living can let bygones be bygones.
Nula the Butcher
Hail, <name>! I have the best and freshest meats all the way from Outland to sell. May they aid you in your om'gora!
Orgnil Soulscar
We have the best seat in the house!
Raider Jhash
Hail, <name>!
We Raiders salute you!
Rehgar Earthfury
  • Non-shaman gossip
Ah, the orc of the hour. Throm'ka, <name>.
The spirits are watching with anticipation. I know you will honor us with your best effort.
  • Shaman gossip

Ah, the orc of the hour. Throm'ka, Farseer.

The spirits tell me you are certain to succeed in your om'gora today. I know they speak true, for you have proven your might to the Earthen Ring time and time again.

Relka Bloodfyre
Ah, you are <name>, the one who will complete the new rite today. Most of these orcs are too afraid to approach me.
I am Relka, the last Mag'har of the Shadowmoon clan. The others keep their distance, not wishing to converse with one of Ner'zhul's fallen. I do not blame them. But I have not come to reclaim my clan's place at the Kosh'harg, or to re-fight old wars.
I have come because I have heard that there are now some among the orcs who listen to the songs of life and shadow. The mysteries of the cosmos are ones that the Shadowmoon have mastered.
If nothing else, I wish to share my dead clan's knowledge with the young where I can, and try to steer those who seek to use the darkness away from disaster.

Priests have an additional dialogue option:

Gossip We call ourselves "Priests" here.
And how quickly you have gained power, <name>! I hope you have not made any... unwise alliances to ascend with such haste.
<She grins at you. Her dead eye seems to sparkle under her hood.>
I believe there is much we can teach each other, Priest. I hope to see you again after the Kosh'harg.
I did not know Thrall was going to invite the Mok'nathal to the Kosh'harg.
They deserve their place here, and I am glad to see them among the orcs, but... I have not spoken to my father since I left to join the Horde all those years ago.
He was not ready to accept me back as his son when I was last in Outland. I do not know if he is ready now.
This will be a difficult day for us.
Ritssyn Flamescowl, to non-warlocks
It is not often that we warlocks are invited to such prestigious affairs. We are used to skulking in the shadows, never acknowledged for our efforts in keeping Azeroth and the Horde safe.
Ritssyn Flamescowl, to warlocks
Greetings to you, Netherlord.
It is not often that we warlocks are invited to such prestigious affairs. We are used to skulking in the shadows, never acknowledged for our efforts in keeping Azeroth and the Horde safe.
I think we have you to thank for that changing.
Well met, <name>. I am pleased to see so many orcs together, including the Mok'nathal.
It has been some time since I have seen my friend, Rexxar. I look forward to catching up.
Scout Manslayer
Lok-tar, <name>! We orcs of Orgrimmar are proud of everything you have accomplished.
<Shokia nods curtly in your direction. She looks at your[sic] with steely trepidation.>
<Name>. I hope my presence here is welcome.
Gossip Where have you been all this time?
After Hellscream's death, I wished to be alone. So I wandered.
I took mercenary contracts where I could. Plenty of work out there for someone good with a rifle. Even fell in with pirates for a time.
But, truthfully, I missed Orgrimmar. I missed the Horde. The kosh'harg seemed like a decent opportunity to return home.
Gossip Do you regret siding with Garrosh?
<She pauses, lost in thought. Her face hardens.>
No. I don't.
Do you know what it's like to believe in a cause so fully that you would die for it, only for the person you thought embodied that cause to be utterly defeated? Twice?
I believed I was doing the right thing. The orcs deserved a better future, and Hellscream believed he was leading us to it. He was not simply using us for this[sic] own gains.
Gossip But it came at the cost of the rest of the Horde.
<She has no rebuke for that. She scowls.>
Fine. You are right. I did not know his glorious future required the sacrifice of every other race, including my friends. I did not know he would allow an old god[sic] to corrupt both the orcs and himself. But by then, it was too late and I was in too deep to be wrong.
It doesn't matter. It's all over now. Zaela is dead. Hellscream is dead. General Nazgrim... WAS dead.
I don't expect for it all to just be forgotten and forgiven. I just want the Horde back. The kosh'harg is for all orcs to come together, and that includes me.
It is my hope that the Kosh'harg will show Leoroxx that the isolation of the Mok'nathal can finally end.
The journey from Outland has ignited in me a desire to explore. If that runt Rexxar has seen all of Azeroth, so should I!
Tactical Officer Kilrath
I have not spent much time in Durotar or Orgrimmar. The landscape certainly is... striking.
Thega Graveblade
Do not worry, the Shattered Hand will make sure our festivities aren't interrupted by any of the Alliance spies lurking just outside.
Oh yes, they're out there. Even if we are at peace, we still keep eyes on each other. It keeps us both honest.
The Kosh'harg has begun! So many familiar faces that I have not seen in years!
Throm'ka, <name>. It is an honor to finally meet you. I am Thura of the Blackrock clan.
I will take this opportunity to speak with Eitrigg and his son. It has been far too many years since I have seen them. I do not remember Ariok being so... large.
Zor Lonetree
It is good to see Aggralan joining the ranks of the Farseers. She has more than proven herself.
I look forward to seeing young Durak's growth as a shaman. He comes from powerful stock, that one!



  1. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] A Summon to Orgrimmar (optional)
  2. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] A People in Need of Healing
  3. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] The Kosh'harg
  4. Complete all of:
    • Blessing of the Land
    1. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] The Blessing of the Land
    2. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] The Spirit of Thunder Ridge
    • Blessing of the Clan
    1. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] The Blessing of the Clan
    2. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] The Long Knives
    3. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] Tracking a Killer
    4. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] Cornering Gor'krosh
    • Blessing of the Ancestors
    1. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] The Blessing of the Ancestors
    2. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] An Important Heirloom
    3. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] Orcish Groceries
    4. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] A Worthy Offering
  5. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] Honor and Glory
  6. H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] Aka'magosh

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