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Image of Rehze
Gender Female
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 50-70
Reaction Horde
Affiliation(s) Orgrimmar, Frostwolf clan
Location Frostwolf Keep, Alterac Valley; Valley of Strength, Orgrimmar; Razor Hill, Durotar
Status Alive

Sarrak (great-grandmother)
Ryal (grandmother)
Thrall (father)
Aggra (mother)
Durak (brother)
Durotan (grandfather)
Draka (grandmother)
Lokra & Karg Bloodfury
Ga'nar (great-uncle)
Rhakish (great-great-grandfather)
Garad (great-grandfather)
Geyah (great-grandmother)
Kelkar (great-grandfather)
Zuura (great-grandmother)
Fenris Wolfbrother (great-uncle)

Hatock, Grotan, Skal (second-cousins)
Companion(s) Spring (wolf, presumed)

Rehze is the daughter of Go'el (Thrall) and Aggralan (Aggra), and the younger sister of Durak.


Aggra was pregnant with Rehze during the trial of Garrosh Hellscream after the Siege of Orgrimmar.[1] The girl had been born by the time of the war in Draenor. Aggra initially stayed on Azeroth to care for her and Durak,[2] but she later joined her life-mate on Draenor.[3]

Following the invasion of the Burning Legion, Thrall and his family moved to a farm near Oshu'gun in Nagrand.[4] Rehze and Durak often played in the pools near the farm, and Aggra taught both of them to weave. When Thrall returned to Azeroth to join the Horde Council at the end of the Fourth War, his family stayed in Nagrand.[5]

Years later, Rehze and her family were among the guests at Lor'themar Theron and First Arcanist Thalyssra's wedding at the Lunastre Estate in Suramar. Wrathion noted that the youngsters seemed to be well behaved.[6] As Durak approached the age for the om'riggor rite, his parents brought him and Rehze to Alterac Valley to introduce them to Drek'Thar and the rest of the Frostwolf clan. Meanwhile, Eitrigg and an orc adventurer came to Drek'Thar to discuss bringing back the Kosh'harg festival. Young Rehze was still shy at this point: she hid behind her mother when Aggra asked her to say hello to Eitrigg, and she blushed and looked away whenever the adventurer tried to talk to her.[7]

The meeting resulted in the decision to bring back the Kosh'harg as well as introduce the om'gora rite. While Thrall and Eitrigg gathered the clans, Rehze, her family, and the adventurer returned to the Broken Tusk in Orgrimmar.[7] Aggra left to prepare the om'gora while the adventurer flew with Rehze and Durak to Razor Hill on the family's wyverns. On arrival, Durak stayed to keep an eye on his sister while the adventurer went to begin the om'gora.[8] By the end of the Kosh'harg, Rehze had somewhat warmed up to the adventurer and thanked them for being kind to Durak.[9]


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  • As of Dragonflight, Rehze is 9-10 years old.
  • Spring, who appears alongside the rest of Thrall's family's wolves during H IconSmall Orc Male.gifIconSmall Orc Female.gif [50-70] A People in Need of Healing, is presumably Rehze's wolf.
  • In N [35] Elemental Bonds: Desire, Thrall's desire to have children is represented by a vision of a boy and a girl, hinting that his second child would be female.
  • In November 2019—before the name and gender of Thrall's second child were officially confirmed—Chris Metzen privately commissioned a piece of art of Thrall's family from Alex Horley, depicting Thrall, Aggra, Durak, and Durak's sister in Nagrand.[10][11] Metzen stated that he liked to think the girl was named "Gaia", after Greatmother Geyah, but he "never officially wrote it down" during his time at Blizzard.[12] As the artwork was a personal artist commission and had no official involvement from Blizzard, it is non-canonical.
  • Rehze's name was officially revealed in the July 2020 novel Shadows Rising.[5] The book's author Madeleine Roux didn't consult Chris Metzen or ask permission from Blizzard before naming the character and instead "just went for it". Roux has stated that she dislikes fan service in the form of characters naming their children after other characters, and so she instead opted for a simple orcish name.[13]


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