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Image of Shokia
Gender Female
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Class Hunter
Affiliation(s) Orgrimmar, Warsong clan
Former affiliation(s) True Horde
Occupation Herbalist
Location Various
Status Alive
In Domination Point.

Shokia is an orc marksman and part of the veteran team that entered Pandaria on the gunship Hellscream's Fist. She is a herbalism trainer while in the Jade Forest.


Mists of Pandaria

Mists of Pandaria This section concerns content related to Mists of Pandaria.

After the gunship's crash, she helped General Nazgrim gain a Horde foothold in the Jade Forest. Here she worked alongside Shademaster Kiryn, providing cover fire for her during scouting missions. During these missions, she also worked with the hozen Riko, with whom she shared a mutual dislike. After Kiryn found Anduin Wrynn, Shokia took charge of guarding the prince, making sure he did not escape despite his pleas.

She later helped Rivett Clutchpop in defeating the jinyu that were attacking Grookin Hill[1] and was seen providing combat training to the hozen, readying them for battle against the Alliance. She oversaw Grookin Grenadiers practicing their bomb-throwing skills at Jinyu Captives. During the ensuing battle at Serpent's Heart, she is gravely wounded and rescued by Mishi. She later appears at Domination Point in Krasarang Wilds along with General Nazgrim and Rivett.

She later participated in the Siege of Orgrimmar in the Underhold section. She is also seen on the Timeless Isle.

War Crimes

WoW-novel-logo-16x62.png This section concerns content related to the Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.

Shokia, being in a deep cover, moved to Hammerfall after the Siege of Orgrimmar and was awaiting new orders from an ally who wanted the return to the glory of the Horde. After receiving a letter asking her to go to Drywhisker Gorge, she met Zaela, who was traveling the world gathering loyalists to the True Horde.[2] The two of them moved to Silvermoon City on wolfback, where they recruited Thalen Songweaver. From there the trio traveled to Westguard Keep in the Howling Fjord and freed the goblin Harrowmeiser from his imprisonment. With Harrowmeiser's zeppelin, the Lady Lug, the reassembled True Horde hired Northsea Freebooters and met up with the Dragonmaw clan and Infinite dragonflight to attack the Temple of the White Tiger. During the chaos, Shokia was seemingly the one to score a near-fatal shot on Jaina Proudmoore, who would have died if not for the timely intervention of Chi-Ji. Following Garrosh's escape courtesy of Kairozdormu, Zaela ordered Shokia and the others to retreat.[3]


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Years after the downfall of the Iron Horde and Garrosh's death, Shokia finally reappeared at the reinvigorated Kosh'harg festival in Razor Hill in Durotar, initially standing next to Nazgrim. Having wandered alone and served as both a mercenary and pirate in the near decade since, she wished to return to the home and people she missed. When asked if she regretted serving Hellscream, she denied such and lamented how she thought she was doing the right thing, and Hellscream did too, though admitted it came at the cost of the other members of the Horde. Nonetheless, she believed the past was over, and defended her desire to be present at the Kosh'harg.


Location Level range Reaction Notes
Durotar; Various in the Jade Forest 10-35 Horde As a quest giver during the Jade Forest storyline.
Domination Point, Krasarang Wilds[10.2, 55.6] 15-35 Alliance Horde As a quest giver of the Landfall daily quests.
Domination Point 35 Horde
Kor'kron Barracks, Siege of Orgrimmar 35 Horde
Celestial Court, Timeless Isle 30-35 Alliance Horde
Razor Hill, Durotar[53.0, 42.8] 50-70 Horde During the Heritage of Draenor.


Domination Point
  • Ability hunter chimerashot2.png Chimera Shot — You deal 125% weapon damage, refreshing the current Sting on your target and triggering an effect: Serpent Sting - Instantly deals 40% of the damage done by your Serpent Sting. Viper Sting - Instantly restores mana to you equal to 60% of the total amount drained by your Viper Sting. Scorpid Sting - Attempts to Disarm the target for 10 sec. This effect cannot occur more than once per 1 minute.
  • Spell fire flameshock.png Immolation Trap — Place a fire trap that will burn the first enemy to approach for Fire damage over 15 sec. Trap will exist for 1 min.
  • Ability ensnare.png Net — Immobilizes an enemy for 5 sec.
  • Ability hunter quickshot.png Serpent Sting — Stings the target, causing Nature damage over 15 sec.


Jade Forest
Objective of
Krasarang Wilds



  • Ugh... am I... still alive?
  • We few out here, against the odds? Thrilling!
  • This land will suit our people well.
  • We will succeed.
  • You find the Alliance, you know what to do.
  • Go on without me.
  • Stay alive, friend.
  • I aim to serve and I never miss.
  • Make the Warchief proud.


Honeydew Village

We should stay here for only as long as it is necessary, <class>.

Grookin Hill, initial

Who would have thought these creatures could be reasoned with?

Trainer Train me about Herbalism.

Grookin Hill, with the Young Alliance Soldier
  • Lok'tar, <name>.
  • Taking a hozen guide with us might not have been the best idea.
  • Sure, we found an Alliance prisoner of war... but at what price?
Grookin Hill, with Grookin Grenadiers

I never would have thought that these grunts could be trained.

Domination Point

I would have died in the Jade Forest had it not been for a pandaren mistweaver who healed my wounds after the battle.

These pandaren are good people and deserve our protection from the domination of the Alliance.

Kor'kron Barracks

I swear by my ancestors, these Kor'kron will not pass. Now go, <name>, the honor of felling Garrosh is yours!

Notes and trivia

  • She wears a classic Kor'kron armor, indicating she may be a member of the group.
  • Shokia is voiced by D.B. Cooper.
  • She was planned to appear in Warlords of Draenor. She would lose her right eye.[4]
  • With War Crimes revealing that Shokia was a Hellscream loyalist, it is unknown why she aided the Darkspear Rebellion in the Siege of Orgrimmar.
    • It's possible that her inclusion was an oversight or that Christie Golden was unaware of this when writing the novel.
    • Her gossip text in Razor Hill implies she was on Garrosh's side during the Siege of Orgrimmar.


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