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The om'gora (Orcish: "rite of honor") is an orcish rite of passage, created as a replacement for the om'riggor rite. Whereas the om'riggor taught participants only of the hunt, the om'gora teaches all of what it means to be an orc and can be undertaken by all orcs who have come of age.[1]


The om'gora was proposed by Aggralan in connection to Eitrigg's proposed re-introduction of the Kosh'harg festival. Aggralan felt that the om'riggor was inadequate, and many orcs—including her life-mate Thrall—were never given a chance to attempt it. Eitrigg in turn suggested that an orc adventurer, whom he felt embodied everything that orcs should aspire to be, should be the first to complete the new rite. Drek'Thar issued a challenge to the adventurer, having them best first his wolves Duros and Drakan and then a projection of his own powers in order to prove that they were worthy of the honor. He then gave Aggralan the title of farseer and appointed her to preside over the Kosh'harg and judge the hero's rite.[1]

The adventurer's om'gora was at the center of the subsequent Kosh'harg in Razor Hill. After the adventurer completed all three steps and completed the rite, the gathered orcs held a feast in their honor.[2] After the Kosh'harg concluded, other orcs began lining up to complete the om'gora themselves. Thrall was determined to go first in line and be the second orc to complete it. His son Durak looked forward to completing it once he came of age as well.[3]

The rite

The om'gora is presided over by a shaman, who acts both as the participant's judge and as their guide.[1] To complete the rite, the participant must earn three different blessings: of the clan, of the land, and of the ancestors. The intent is that once they have earned all three, they will understand what it means to be an orc.[4]

  • To earn the Blessing of the Clan, the participant must learn that the clan is only as strong as its members, and prove their strength and worth to the living orcs.[5] In honor of old traditions, the Blessing of the Clan takes inspiration from the om'riggor: the participant must track and kill a beast without their armor while championing their clan, then take a trophy from the felled beast as proof of the deed and paint their face with the beast's blood as proof for the shaman.[6] Since the adventurer was not born into a clan, they first chose a clan to champion from among those present at the Kosh'harg[5] before being sent to hunt Gor'krosh, a monster that had been terrorizing the Valley of Trials.[6]
  • To earn the Blessing of the Land, the participant must learn respect for the spirits of nature and the elements that dwell alongside the orcs. The shaman first calls to the spirits of the land to guide the participant to a place where their aid is needed, and where they must then complete a task given to them. In the adventurer's om'gora, they earned the Blessing of the Land by helping the spirit Owa'nohe begin to restore the forests of Thunder Ridge.[7]
  • The Blessing of the Ancestors is meant to teach participants that the living owe everything to preceding generations, and that the orcs are obliged to honor their ancestors, seek their wisdom, and live up to their expectations. In the adventurer's om'gora, Aggralan tasked them with cooking a feast for the ancestors to serve as the center piece of the Kosh'harg.[8]



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