Khaz Algar

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NeutralKhaz Algar
Level: Khaz Algar
Races EarthenEarthen Earthen
Kobold Kobold
HumanHuman Human
NerubianNerubianNerubianNerubian Nerubian
Ruler(s) Candle King
Queen Ansurek
Affiliation Oathsworn, Unbound, Machine Speakers
Location Mostly underground, between Kalimdor and Pandaria

Khaz Algar (also known as Sector AR-938) is the primary setting for the World of Warcraft: The War Within expansion.


A contingent of earthen was sent by the titan keepers to investigate a geological anomaly in a fissure detected on Sector AR-938. In time, these earthen began to display behaviors similar to those who had fallen under the influence of the flesh, despite being separated by a great distance and sharing no cultural ties whatsoever. To the keepers, the similarities were uncanny. Although both groups remained physiologically distinct, the earthen had started to refer to Sector AR-938 as Khaz Algar, and their behaviors, language, and demeanor showed many similarities to other former earthen groups.[1]


Azeroth map with Khaz Algar's location.

Khaz Algar is located southeast of Kalimdor and west of Pandaria.


The zones are in descending order, with adventurers starting at the top (Isle of Dorn) and delving deeper until the nerubian kingdom of Azj-Kahet.


  • The demonym for something from Khaz Algar is "Algarian".[2]

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