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For in-game information, see Vendor.

Merchants[1][2] or traders, tradesmen, salesmen, and vendors are buyers and sellers of goods. Merchant is a popular profession, and those in the business range from humans and goblins to imps[3] and abominations.[4]

According to the nightborne, amateur merchants worry about losing face from bad products,[5] look back on their previous work as a learning experience,[6] and complain about supply and demand.[7]

According to Bronwyn Hewstrike, a responsible merchant is always keeping an eye out for good deals.[8]

The Artisan's Consortium is a company of entrepreneurs, artisans, adventurers, and merchants who provide goods and services to crafters and gatherers in need across Azeroth.[9]

The individuals known as the Dark Riders were originally traveling merchants who wanted to cheat Medivh.[10]

Ethereal merchants are known as wind traders.






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After establishing Kul Tiras, they built up a mighty fleet of merchant vessels that sailed throughout the known lands in search of exotic goods to trade and sell.[11]


  • Town halls are a place where the details of commerce were dealt with - the distribution of resources, and the spending of money.[12]