Frostblade Peak

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Frostblade Peak.

Frostblade Peak is located in northeast Howling Fjord, and is the sister mountain to Gjalerhorn. Unlike the latter, it is a much more welcoming place, as it's infested with neither vrykul nor undead.[1]

Fort Wildervar, the northernmost Alliance outpost in the region, and Caldemere Lake sit at its base to the south. There is also Giants' Run to the southeast, Camp Winterhoof to the southwest, and the Grizzly Hills to the north.

There's a "decent" (for dwarves and mountain goats) path that winds all the way up to the mountain's peak, where some people put the Frostblade Shrine. This glowing blue piece of rock can be used to meditate, and is supposed to let someone defeat their Inner Turmoil and make them light as a feather.[1]

It is inhabited by some Icehollow Behemoths.


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