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This article is about the Dragonflight feature. For the occupation and its lore, see dragon rider. For the quest, see N [60-62] Dragonriding.
Dragonriders as shown in the Take to the Skies cinematic.

Dragonriding (or Dynamic Flying in a post-Dragonflight world) is an alternative form of flying mounts. Not merely flying on the back of a common drake, players are able to customize their unique dragon mount and fly with physics at a significantly higher speed than Burning Crusade-style "static flight".[1] There are four base types of dragon that the player can choose from, each of which has over 50 customizations available.[2]

The flying itself is dynamic, factoring in momentum, for instance. Players can upgrade their flying skills;[1] speed is one of the attributes that can be improved.[3]

Dragonriding was originally limited to the Dragon Isles,[3] but with patch 10.2.5 it is available in old-world continents at reduced speeds with [Riding Abroad]. Each of the main outdoor zones of the Dragon Isles introduces a new type of dragon.[4] Once unlocked, dragonriding is available to all characters on the account that are level 60-70.

Dracthyr have a racial ability, [Soar], that is equivalent to dragonriding, except for having a 10-second cooldown which starts after casting.[5] Dracthyr gain access to [Empowered Soaring] and [Expedited Takeoff] only after completing the Forbidden Reach starting zone.

Dragonriding mounts

Dragonriding mounts can be customized at a Rostrum of Transformation found in most zones of the Dragon Isles.


Dragonriding skill UI as of patch 10.2.0.

To further improve dragonriding, skills and passives can be unlocked to improve how much and how fast [Vigor] can recharge. The skills window can be accessed from the Dragon Isles Summary button next to the minimap.

To unlock additional traits, the player must fly around the Dragon Isles and collect the Dragon Glyphs. Dragon Glyphs are account-wide; alternative characters automatically have access to any unlocked glyphs to spend on traits.

The following traits require Dragon Glyphs to learn:
Row Talent Comment/Requires
1 [Take to the Skies] (1)
2 [Redirection] (3)
[Dynamic Stretching] (3)
[Second Wind] (2) Active ability
[Thrill Chaser] (3)
3 [Ohn'ahra's Gusts] (3)
4 [Dragonrider's Initiative] (3) /
[Dragonrider's Compassion] (3)
Choice node
5 [Aerial Halt] (4) Active ability
[Restorative Travels] (4)
[Ground Skimming] (4)
6 [Airborne Recovery] (4) Aerial Halt
[Airborne Tumbling] (4) Restorative Travels
[Land's Blessing] (4) Ground Skimming
7 [Wind's Respite] (3) Airborne Recovery
[Dragonriding Learner] (4) Airborne Tumbling
[Swift Skimming] (3) Land's Blessing
8 [Dragonrider's Cultivation] (5) /
[Dragonrider's Hunt] (5)
Choice node
9 [Beyond Infinity] (5)
[Yearning for the Sky] (5)
[At Home Aloft] (5)


Across the Dragon Isles, the bronze flight has organized a series of Dragonriding races. Compete against the clock to earn numerous achievements across five race types: normal, advanced, advanced reverse, challenge, and challenge reverse.


  • As following (/follow) isn’t compatible with Dragonriding to address this there is a “Ride Along” feature where dragonriders can speak with Lithragosa (the Dragonriding Trainer) to opt into this functionality, with Ride Along on, a player in the player's party may interact with the player's Dragon Isle Drake to transform into a whelp that will follow alongside the drake.[6]
  • Dragonriding was designed early on during the development of Dragonflight.[7] The introduction of dragonriding required changes to be made to the design of the Dragon Isles, such as increasing their height, and introducing cloud layers.[2]
  • Dragonriding came to the rest of Azeroth in patch 10.2.5, and 100+ older mounts will use Dragonriding speed and abilities with the launch of The War Within.


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