Kargathia Keep

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Kargathia Keep

Kargathia Keep (or Kargathia Outpost)[1] is located in eastern Ashenvale, in the eastern part of the Warsong Lumber Camp just west of the Southfury River. It is the base of operations for the officers of the Warsong Clan, and has a strategic position that lets it receive reinforcements from Orgrimmar should a battle with the Alliance break out. The keep, much like Kargath in the Badlands, and Bladefist Bay in Durotar, is named for the legendary orcish hero Kargath Bladefist. Overseer Gorthak, the orc in charge of the camp, can be found here.

The building is a stronghold and is seemingly upgraded with spiked barricades.


  • Kargathia Keep is the only classic-model stronghold in the game that is friendly to Horde players.


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