Lake Falathim

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Lake Falathim.
Lake Falathim pre-Cataclysm.

Lake Falathim is located in western Ashenvale, southeast of the Zoram Strand and southwest of Maestra's Post. In this lake the goddess's moonlight always touches down, day or night.[1]

Although it was once a popular place for night elves to go swim or fish, the lake was later overrun with ferocious murlocs. The scholar Teronis was last seen near the lake, and it boded ill of his fate that he never returned.

The murlocs eventually left the lake, which became dank and gloomy. The area is currently swarming with tentacles from Below and Harbinger Aphotic stands here.

Keeper Heartwise has recently come here to combat the corruption and will solicit help from adventurers. The moonlight here lets spirits in the Veil see into the living world.[2]


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