Demon Fall Canyon

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Demon Fall Canyon

Demon Fall Canyon is a fel-corrupted canyon located in Ashenvale, south of Felfire Hill and just east of Demon Fall Ridge. It earned its name after the titanic clash between the demonic pit lord Mannoroth, and the two orcs Grommash Hellscream and Thrall. The pit lord succeeded in knocking Thrall out, but he was not quick enough to escape Grom's axe, which cleaved into Mannoroth's chest.

The demon's death created an explosion of fire and light, which tore the life from Grom as well. The orcs named the site of his sacrifice thusly and many would make pilgrimage there to honor the warrior who had liberated the orc people from the Burning Legion's curse.[1][2] A monument to Grom Hellscream was also erected in his memory. The canyon is now populated by many hostile lesser demons.

According to Zekhan's report after the Fourth War, the canyon remains fel-corrupted, with Mannoroth's weapon hovering.[3]



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