Talondeep Pass

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Stonetalon Mountains side.
Ashenvale side.

The Talondeep Pass is an artificial mountain pass that connects Ashenvale with the Stonetalon Mountains. It was created by goblins by excavating away the Talondeep Path. It is intended for both the Horde and the Alliance. A side pass from Stardust Spire leads to Trueshot Point for the Alliance. The entrance on the Ashenvale side is found just east of Stardust Spire, while the entrance on the Stonetalon side is found in the northeastern part of Windshear Crag, next to the Fold.

Alliance players travel from Ashenvale to Stonetalon Mountains through the Talondeep Pass during the quests A [7-30] Hellscream's Legacy and A [7-30] Field Test: Gnomecorder, while Horde players pass through it during the quest H [10-30] We're Here to Do One Thing, Maybe Two....

The goblins built a mine field here, but the night elves disarmed them all.[1]

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