Ruins of Ordil'Aran

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The Ruins of Ordil'Aran

The Ruins of Ordil'Aran[32, 31] are located in northwestern Ashenvale, north of Maestra's Post and south of Bathran's Haunt. Although not much remains of the ancient city that once stood here, the site was a favorite spot for the Cult of the Dark Strand, who inhabited what is left of the ruins, ready to strike at any who approach. They have since been ousted by furbolgs of the Thistlefur tribe, who have taken over the ruins for themselves. Dead cultists still lie about the area.

The Ruins of Ordil'Aran are also the site of the  [Heartswood] tree.


Ruins of Ordil'Aran (digsite)


Ruins of Ordil'Aran @ 29,31

The Ruins of Ordil'Aran north of Maestra's Post is a night elf archaeology dig site.

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