War between the Lightbound and the Mag'har

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Battle for Azeroth War between the Lightbound and the Mag'har
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Location Across alternate Draenor
Begin At some point after the war in Draenor

Lightbound victory


Neutral The Mag'har

Horde Horde (later stage; allies)

Neutral The Lightbound

Neutral The naaru
Commanders and leaders

Neutral The Mag'har


Neutral The Lightbound

Casualties and losses

Neutral The Mag'har


Neutral The Lightbound

  • Heavy
Previous War in Draenor

The war between the Lightbound and the Mag'har was fought on alternate Draenor after the Lightbound draenei led by High Exarch Yrel decided to unite the planet and bring order to the universe, fighting against the united orc clans led by Warchief Grommash. Many orcs and ogres joined willingly, while others were forced.


The roots of the war dated back thirty years in the past, with a promise of a union between the two factions. Orcs of the Mag'har and draenei of Karabor would work together to bring the remaining forces of the Legion down. Orc and draenei lived and worked alongside each other for years, to the point that Yrel and Grommash refer to each other as old friends. During these times, Durotan and Draka decided to bear a child together and had a daughter who they named Geya'rah. Geya'rah fondly remembers this period, referring to them as good times.[1]

But eventually the naaru arrived, and without any demons left to fight the draenei became fixated on the Light. The naaru ordered them to spread the Light whether the orcs were willing or not. This was all possible thanks to the call of the Light Mother, who told Yrel to unite Draenor and bring order to the universe. It was this event that led to the war between the two races.[1][2]

The war

Throughout the land, many orcs began to call upon the powers of the Light and many joined the draenei's side. Grommash Hellscream's own son would fall in-line to their call. However, there were those who resisted the call and that is when the war officially began. With Yrel at the helm, they would march across Draenor with much of the land slowly falling to their side. The orcs who did not join their cause were killed on the spot.

At some point, Durotan fell in battle and his mate, Draka, took command of a garrison in Nagrand.[1]

With many seeing where the war was going, the ogres themselves embraced the Light, with a descendant of Kor'gall of the Kor'gall clan receiving yellow glowing eyes and agreeing to join their cause.[1]

The two would find a short stalemate in Gorgrond where the Lightbound refused to attack Hellsreach Citadel.[3]

Assistance from the Horde

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

In the present of the main timeline of Azeroth, Eitrigg was able to recover a fragment of the Vision of Time. He reminded Warchief Sylvanas that the Mag'har from alternate Draenor had pledged to help the Horde in their time of need, suggesting that they recruit the Mag'har to bolster their ranks. Sylvanas agreed and sent Eitrigg and an adventurer to the race that knew about time travel, chronomancy, the nightborne.[4]

Eitrigg went to talk with Chief Telemancer Oculeth and asked him if he knew how to reconcile their Azeroth with the alternate Draenor. Disappointed, Oculeth informed the two that much of their knowledge about time magic had been lost with Elisande's death, but that he might be able to help if Eitrigg and the adventurer were to restore the fragment to its original state.[4] The adventurer spoke to Anachronos of the Bronze Dragonflight, who helped them to do so.[5][6] With the Vision of Time restored, the adventurer returned to Eitrigg and Oculeth with the artifact, allowing Oculeth to send Eitrigg and the adventurer back to Draenor.[7]

Arrival to an old new world

Eitrigg and the adventurer arrived in alternate modern Gorgrond, decades after the defeat of the Iron Horde. Instead of being greeted with respect, the two were stopped by several Mag'har Outriders. Immediately thinking of them as either allies of the Lightbound or of the Legion due to Eitrigg's green skin, the two are bound and taken to their leader, Overlord Geya'rah.[7]

To prove their allegiance, Geya'rah asked the two to identify three orc banners of the past; Eitrigg correctly identified them, impressing Grommash Hellscream, the leader of the Mag'har. Grommash then realized that Eitrigg came from the main timeline's Azeroth.[7]

Eitrigg explained his plea to Grommash, but Geya'rah refused due to the Lightbound threat. Instead of refusing as well, Grommash asked Geya'rah to go with the two in order ease her mind.[7]

Ogre uprising

To bring the outsiders to Geya'rah's side, Grommash asked her to go with them and crush an ogre rebellion led by Kor'gall, Greatson of Kor'gall. The three rode off to Stonemaul, where an ogre greets them and tells them where to find Korgall, saying that the other ogres don't want any trouble.

Killing some defectors along the way, they made their way to the Throne of Kor'gall, where they found the ogre in his lair. When asked why he started an uprising, Kor'gall explained that he didn't believe that Geya'rah could keep his people safe. When given the choice to stand down, Kor'gall refused and attacked the three with a Lightbound Warpriest at his side, ultimately resulting in Kor'gall's death.

With the enemy down, Lantresor of the Blade rushed in to inform the three that the Lightbound under the command of an Exarch were attacking Beastwatch.[1]

The lines of Beastwatch

The three immediately rushed to Beastwatch. Along the way, Geya'rah told the two about who the Lightbound were and what happened after the fall of Archimonde. The group would find the two forces holding the line against one another. Geya'rah and her companions then charged in and tried to change the tide of the battle, pushing the draenei back for a short time.[3]

The place eventually fell when Yrel brought her forces to the heart of the Mag'har, Hellsreach Citadel.

Battle at Evermorn Hold

Although they dealt as much damage as they could, no side seems to give any ground. Eventually, a light appeared at Evermorn Hold, causing the three to rush there in order to see what was happening. They saw a naaru in the sky who froze the Mag'har on the spot. It is at this point where Exarch Orelis entered the fray. Refusing his order to surrender, Exarch Orelis fought the three and after losing his warframe, he was killed by their hands. This victory would be short-lived as Yrel came in with her army.[3]

Victory for the Light

Yrel and her Lightbound army.

Yrel sent in all of her armies to bring down Hellscream's Mag'har. As things looked grim for the Mag'har, Hellscream ordered Geya'rah to return to Azeroth with a large chunk of the Mag'har's army. To make sure that Geya'rah's army escapes, they asked Lantresor to bring as many orcs as he could to the front lines and asked the adventurer to use a turret to slow down the forces below. The plan worked, with Geya'rah's army escaping with the adventurer and Eitrigg while Hellscream and Lantresor held the line, refusing to surrender to Yrel and choosing to instead die a glorious death like true orcs.[3] What happened after this is unknown, but Geya'rah swore to rebuild what was once lost and pledged her forces to the Horde.

After the Mag'har arrived on Azeroth, botani and saberon that also arrived fled into the Northern Barrens and goren into southern Durotar.[3]


Neutral The Mag'har
Neutral The Lightbound