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NeutralBladespire clan
Bladespire banner.jpg
Bladespire banner
Main leader IconSmall OgreLord.gif High King Maulgar
Secondary leaders IconSmall OgreMage.gif Gorr'Dim
IconSmall Ogre Male.gif Gnosh Brognat
IconSmall OgreMage.gif Droggam
IconSmall OgreMage.gif Fingrom
IconSmall OgreMage.gif Mugdorg
Race(s) OgreOgre Ogre
Ogre mage Ogre mage
Ogre lord Ogre lord
  Formerly IconSmall Mok'Nathal Male.gifIconSmall Mok'Nathal Female.gif Half-ogre
Capital Bladespire Hold
Base of operations Bladespire Outpost, Gruul's Lair
Theater of operations Blade's Edge Mountains
Affiliation Independent
  Formerly Gruul
Status Active

The Bladespire clan[1] is the dominant clan of ogres that inhabit the Blade's Edge Mountains.[2] The main group of Bladespire ogres live at Bladespire Hold, a large village in the central valley of the Blade's Edge Mountains. A smaller group of ogres live at the Bladespire Grounds on the plateau to the east of Thunderlord Stronghold. The leader of the Bladespire ogres, Gorr'Dim, has gained the favor of Gruul the Dragonkiller and helped his clan to become the largest in the mountains. High King Maulgar, the king of ogres, is also from this clan. The Bladespire clan's banner depicts a clawed boar.[3]


Since time forgotten the Mok'Nathal have fought with the Bladespire ogres.[4]

Before Draenor was shattered into Outland, the Bladespire ogres ruled most of Frostfire Ridge with their ancient enemies, the Frostwolf clan. They ruled from Bladespire Citadel, and had numerous villages and settlements.

The Bladespire were once part of the Gorian Empire, and during that time forcefully bred ogres with orcs to create mok'nathal servants. The mok'nathal rebelled, and working with the Frostwolf and Whiteclaw clans, destroyed Bladespire power in Frostfire Ridge during the Battle of Bladespire.[5] Since the empire's collapse, they are now ruled by the gronn.

After  [The Invasion of Draenor], the Thunderlord clan abandoned their stronghold to join the other fel orcs.[6] After that the Bladespire ogres inhabited the Thunderlord Stronghold until the reopening of the Dark Portal by Doom Lord Kazzak when Horde pushed them out.[7] They are the strongest clan of ogres in the Blade's Edge Mountains, having the favor of the gronn known as Gruul the Dragonkiller, and his seven sons.[2]

The Mok'nathal have managed to push the Bladespire back so that they now hold only a tenuous grip at Bladespire Outpost,[4] but have other fortifications far from Mok'Nathal Village, such as Bladespire Hold and the nearby areas. Gnosh Brognat is leading the outpost.[4] These Bladespire ogres carry totems, seeking to use them to manipulate and control. Spiritcaller Dohgar is recruiting adventurers to retrieve totems.

They are the closest group of ogres to Thunderlord Stronghold, so Rexxar and Tor'chunk Twoclaws, who are leading the attacks against the ogres,[8][9] are sending any adventurer they can to do battle against the Bladespire.[1] Commander Skyshadow is also sending adventurers as it is a grave threat.[10]

The Bladespire are the rival clan of the Bloodmaul clan.[10] These ogre clans fight against each other, vying for the dominance that comes with having the favor of Gruul the Dragonkiller.[11] The Bladespire clan is crushing the Bloodmaul, so they needed a new weapon. For that reason T'chali the Witch Doctor tried to make the perfect brew, one that strengthens the Bloodmaul and weakens the Bladespire.[12] Korgaah kicked T'chali in the head so he wants revenge,[13] for that reason he wants vengeance over the whole clan.[14]



Name Role Status Location
NeutralIconSmall Ogre Mage.gif Droggam Deceased Bladespire Hold, Blade's Edge Mountains
NeutralIconSmall OgreMage.gif Fingrom Leader of his group Deceased Gruul's Lair's outside, Blade's Edge Mountains
NeutralIconSmall Ogre Male.gif Glumdor Deceased Bladespire Hold, Blade's Edge Mountains
NeutralIconSmall Ogre Male.gif Gnosh Brognat Outpost leader Deceased Bladespire Outpost, Blade's Edge Mountains
NeutralIconSmall Ogre Mage.gif Gorr'Dim Leader Deceased Bladespire Hold, Blade's Edge Mountains
NeutralIconSmall Ogre Male.gif Korgaah Deceased Bladespire Hold, Blade's Edge Mountains
NeutralIconSmall Ogre Mage.gif Mugdorg Deceased Bladespire Hold, Blade's Edge Mountains
NeutralIconSmall OgreLord.gif High King Maulgar High King of Ogres Alive Gruul's Lair, Blade's Edge Mountains




Notes and trivia

Once you are friendly or above with Ogri'la, you can do many emotes while targeting the ogres for amusing results:

  • /dance with the ogres and they will dance back.
  • /kiss and they will say "Aw, me not think it will work out between us."
  • /fart and they will fart back at you and say "Me like to fart too!"
  • /wave and they will wave back.
  • /angry and they will cower in fear of their angry [King/Queen].

In addition, if you attack and kill the clan's ogres after becoming king/queen, they will say various phrases upon death.

  • "[King/Queen] think... there really is... an Ogri'la?"
  • "Me honored... [king/queen] kill me."
  • "Me go to... Ogri'la."
  • "Puny [race]... you were a... horrible [king/queen]."

There used to be a Bladespire camp located in western Blade's Edge Mountains. It was populated by Bladespire Elders, Bladespire Guardians, and the Bladespire Keg King. In patch 2.1, the camp and its NPCs were replaced by Ogri'la.


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