Throne of the Tides

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For shaman Legion scenario, see N Shaman [10-45] Throne of the Tides: Azshara's Power. For the TCG set, see Throne of the Tides (TCG).
Throne of the Tides
Throne of the Tides loading screen.jpg
Location Abyssal Maw, Vashj'ir [71, 29]
End boss  Ozumat
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Level 80-81
Min ilvl 226 (normal)
329 (heroic)
Player limit 5
Cross-faction? Cross-faction allowed
Throne of the Tides tcg.jpg

Throne of the Tides (or the Throne of Tides) is a five-player dungeon in the Abyssal Maw which is entered through the Abyssal Breach located in Vashj'ir, introduced in World of Warcraft: Cataclysm.

The Throne of the Tides' entrance can be found at [71, 29] beneath the Abyssal Breach of the Abyssal Depths in Vashj'ir. Swimming into the watery cyclone will suffice entrance to the Abyssal Maw nexus where Throne of the Tides and the unreleased Abyssal Maw dungeon can be found.


Adventure Guide

Deep within the Abyssal Maw's fathomless expanses lies the Throne of the Tides. From here, the great elemental lord Neptulon the Tidehunter has surveyed and protected his aquatic domain for ages. He now faces his greatest challenge as a force of serpentine naga and malefic faceless ones threaten to depose him, leaving his realm and its secrets ripe for the plundering.


It seems preposterous to think that even the armies of the naga would challenge a demigod on his home plane - and, yet, they are winning. Instead of cowering before Neptulon, the naga have brought forth a gigantic ally to hobble the who holds the entire Throne of the Tides in its grasp. If their siege isn't broken, Neptulon will fall - and the naga will rise in his place as the new lords of Azeroth's oceans.[1]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

Erunak Stonespeaker returns to the Throne of the Tides with a shaman hero in search of  [Sharas'dal, Scepter of Tides] after his friend Wavespeaker Adelee went missing there while looking for it. The naga, still within the Throne of the Tides, were torturing a sea giant named Grash which was promptly freed, who informed them that a naga named Lady Zithreen is using the Scepter to control the sea giants, makrura, and other residents of the seas. Erunak demands to know from Zithreen what Azshara's plans were for the Abyssal Maw during the events in Vashj'ir, but Zithreen does not tell him and Grash kills her.


The Throne of the Tides is located at the Abyssal Breach within the Abyssal Depths of Vashj'ir. Swimming towards the vast whirlpool will cause the player character be sucked in and dropped in front of the entrance.



Abyssal Halls  · Coral Garden  · Deep Blue Observatory  · Neptulon's Rise  · The Riptide  · Throne of Neptulon


Bosses Monsters

Throne of Neptulon

Neptulon's Rise

Abyssal Halls, East

Abyssal Halls, West


Boss Item Type
Normal Heroic
Lady Naz'jar  [Lightning Whelk Axe]  [Lightning Whelk Axe] Agility one-hand axe
 [Aurelian Miter]  [Aurelian Miter] Agility cloth helm
 [Wrasse Handwraps]  [Wrasse Handwraps] Agility mail gloves
 [Periwinkle Cloak]  [Periwinkle Cloak] Caster cloak
 [Entwined Nereis]  [Entwined Nereis] Tank ring
Commander Ulthok  [Cerith Spire Staff]  [Cerith Spire Staff] DPS caster staff
 [Caridean Epaulets]  [Caridean Epaulets] Agility leather shoulders
 [Chromis Chestpiece]  [Chromis Chestpiece] Spirit mail chest
 [Harp Shell Pauldrons]  [Harp Shell Pauldrons] Spirit plate shoulders
 [Eagle Ray Cloak]  [Eagle Ray Cloak] Strength cloak
Mindbender Ghur'sha  [Decapod Slippers]  [Decapod Slippers] Spirit leather boots
 [Anomuran Helm]  [Anomuran Helm] DPS plate helm
 [Anthia's Ring]  [Anthia's Ring] DPS caster ring
 [Porcelain Crab]  [Porcelain Crab] Tank trinket
Ozumat  [Whitefin Axe]  [Whitefin Axe] Two-hand strength axe
 [Mnemiopsis Gloves]  [Mnemiopsis Gloves] DPS cloth gloves
 [Wentletrap Vest]  [Wentletrap Vest] Agility mail chest
 [Abalone Plate Armor]  [Abalone Plate Armor] Spirit plate chest
 [Triton Legplates]  [Triton Legplates] Tank plate leggings
 [Bioluminescent Lamp]  [Bioluminescent Lamp] Spirit off-hand
 [Might of the Ocean]  [Might of the Ocean] Strength trinket
 [Nautilus Ring]  [Nautilus Ring] Agility ring
 [Pipefish Cord]  [Pipefish Cord] Caster necklace
 [Sea Star]  [Sea Star] Spirit trinket


B [30-35D] Rescue the Earthspeaker! and B [30-35D] Sins of the Sea Witch may only be done after B [30-35] Defending the Rift has been completed.

Neutral Throne of the Tides quests
Quest Name Quest Giver Subzone
This quest takes place in this zone A [30-35D] Rescue the Earthspeaker! IconSmall Taylor.gifAlliance Captain Taylor Throne of the Tides
This quest takes place in this zone A [30-35D] Sins of the Sea Witch IconSmall Taylor.gifAlliance Captain Taylor Throne of the Tides
This quest takes place in this zone H [30-35D] Rescue the Earthspeaker! IconSmall Nazgrim.gifHorde Legionnaire Nazgrim Throne of the Tides
This quest takes place in this zone H [30-35D] Sins of the Sea Witch IconSmall Nazgrim.gifHorde Legionnaire Nazgrim Throne of the Tides



  • An archaeologist with a skill of at least 425 can use a  [Highborne Scroll] at a clam statue at the beginning to grant the group N Archaeology [30-35D] Waters of Elune, increasing damage done to humanoids by 10% while in the zone.
  • The Throne of the Tides ends with a vague (and hard to see) cliffhanger where Ozumat kidnaps Neptulon. This storyline was planned to be continued in the dropped Abyssal Maw instance.
    • Ultimately, the cliffhanger was resolved off-screen, with Neptulon eventually freeing himself.
    • In the revamped version from Dragonflight, available in Mythic and Timewalking difficulties, this abduction does not happen.



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