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A staff is a two-handed blunt weapon, usually in the form of a long pole a bit taller than a person. They can be made of metal or wood. Some staves have small balls or other ornamental shapes on one end. However, these shaped ends are mainly decorative, and are not as large, sharp, or significant as they would be on a mace or polearm.

Staves are often the preferred weapons of casters. This is because they often have large Intellect stats or provide bonuses that boost casting spells. With the introduction of the Burning Crusade expansion, the game has introduced a number of staves with stats befitting melee classes; many staves have been appearing that are designed for Feral druids, with melee stats and enormous bonuses to Feral attack power. These staves have since been changed to a flat agility bonus to also benefit hunters (until patch 5.0.4) and monks.

Staves cannot be wielded by death knights, demon hunters, paladins and rogues.

For Alliance casters, the first great staff to be found is a quest reward from A [5-30] Rise of the Brotherhood, the  [House Wrynn Staff]. For Horde casters, the first great staff found is a quest reward from H [5-30] Gazlowe's Fortune, the  [Bling Cane].

For Feral and Guardian druids, the first great staff is a quest reward from B Druid [8-30D] The Circle's Future, the Staff of the Green Circle. For Brewmaster and Windwalker monks, the first great staff is a quest reward from N Monk [10-35] Begin Your Training: Master Cheng, the  [Aspirant's Staff of Grace].

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