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Race Black drake
Hit points 1250
Hit point regeneration Always
Hit point regeneration rate 0.50 HP/sec.
Level 8
Gold Bounty Awarded 62-86 BTNPillage.png
Sleeps No
Collision Size 48
Normal attack 25-100 (62.5 avg)
Can attack Air, Ground
Range 50
Attack type Piercing
Cooldown 1.10 sec.
Weapon type Missile
Armor Type Heavy
Armor 0
Movement Speed 280
This article contains lore taken from Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos, Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the manuals, and/or official bonus maps.

Searinox was a rogue black dragon who, just prior to the demonic second invasion of the Burning Legion, scoured the uninhabited lands south of Strahnbrad, where he had been feasting on the local farmsteads and their inhabitants for weeks.

Searinox and his brood of whelps came to the knowledge of Feranor Steeltoe and his band of dwarven Dragon Hunters; they wanted to claim the heart of the gargantuan beast. The heart of a black dragon could bestow fiery enchantments upon weapons, and they wanted those enchantments.[1]

With the help of prince Arthas Menethil, Feranor and the hunters managed to storm Searinox's lair, littered with the hundreds of corpses that he feasted on. Despite Searinox's best efforts, he, his whelps, and the undead he summoned were defeated and his rampage was put to an end. Steeltoe reforged the heart into a magical orb, which he gave to Arthas.[2]


  • "You dare challenge me? You mortals become more reckless with every generation!"


  • Curiously, unlike other black dragon creeps who spit fireballs, Searinox instead breathes acid like a chimera.



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