Dark Factions

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Dark Factions
Author(s) Luke Johnson
Artist(s) Various
Pages 224
Publisher(s) White Wolf Publishing
Publication date May 14, 2008
Format(s) Hardcover
Retail price US: $34.99
ISBN 10 1588464466
ISBN 13 978-1588464460[1]
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This article contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Dark Factions is a sourcebook for the World of Warcraft RPG. The book was released on May 14, 2008.


Crush the Alliance AND Horde!

Naga and satyrs stir in dark places. Goblins invent crazy devices. The Atal'ai summon a bloodthirsty god. Azeroth is home to more than just the Alliance and Horde.

Discover eight new races and fifteen factions. New game elements — classes, spells, technological devices, and the like — further enhance these characters.

  • Contains eight new races, including naga, pandaren and satyrs.
  • Contains nine prestige classes, including the brewmaster, death knight, and naga anomaly.
  • Includes variant classes, racial iconic classes, and creature classes, allowing you to play just the sort of character you want.
  • Brims with new feats, spells, magic items, technological devices, and other abilities and items to decimate your opponents.
  • Contains information on the fifteen factions unaffiliated with the Alliance or Horde, including their leaders and strategies, narrated by famed dwarven explorer Brann Bronzebeard.
  • Includes two adventures to challenge heroes of any affiliation.

Dark Factions is a supplement for the World of Warcraft Roleplaying Game.


Dark Factions is unofficially subtitled the "Independent Player's Guide", because it's like the Alliance and Horde Player's Guides, but for independent factions and races...One of the races we cover is the pandaren. You'll see the pandaren written up as a new race, as well as at least one racial iconic class for them: the Wardancer. There's also a couple prestige classes designed with pandaren in mind. A Pandaren prestige class is the Brewmaster, based on the hero unit in Warcraft 3. The other one is called the Pandaren Transcendent. Here's a quote:

"These are the pandaren's ultimate heroes: Spiritual avatars capable of summoning vast storms of lighting, smashing mountains with their terrible fists, and breathing winds into existence."

By the way, I should mention that Dark Factions isn't quite set in stone; everything I mention about it could, theoretically, change.-Luke Johnson, 2006-11-08


  • Introduction
  • Chapter 1: New Races
    • Dragonspawn
    • Dwarf, Dark Iron
    • Murloc
    • Naga
    • Pandaren
    • Quilboar
    • Satyr
    • Tuskarr
  • Chapter 2: Class Options
    • Equipment
    • Variant Classes
      • Aquatic Druid
      • Druid of the Nightmare
      • Martial Enchanter
      • Dark Inscriber
      • Arcane Alchemist
      • Elementalist
      • Contender
      • Lone Wolf Runemaster
      • Dungeoneer
      • Aquatic shaman
      • Shadowmage
    • Racial Iconic Classes
      • Goblin Tinker
      • Naga Mage
      • Priestess of the Tides
      • Pandaren Wardancer
      • Quilboar Thornweaver
      • Satyr Hellcaller
    • Creature Classes
      • Dragon
      • Flamewaker
      • Nerubian
      • Sea Giant
    • Feats
  • Chapter 3: Prestige Classes
    • Brewmaster
    • Death Knight
    • Dragonsworn
    • High Divinist
    • Naga Anomaly
    • Pandaren Transcendent
    • Scarlet Battle Mage
    • Scarlet Inquisitor
    • Subversive
    • Vindicator
  • Chapter 4: Magic & Faith
    • Independent Faiths
      • Azshara
      • Hakkar the Soulflayer
      • The Old Gods
      • Xavius
      • The Pantheon of the Zandalar Tribe
      • The Cult of the Damned
    • Spells
    • New Magic Items
  • Chapter 5: Technology
    • Races and Technology
    • Tech-Mods
    • Steam Armor Enhancements
    • Technological Devices
  • Chapter 6: History and Culture
    • Dark Iron Dwarf
    • Goblin
    • Naga
    • Quilboar
    • Satyr
    • Tuskarr
  • Chapter 7: The Factions
    • The Argent Dawn
    • The Atal'ai and Hakkari
    • The Cenarion Circle
    • The Cult of the Damned
    • The Dark Horde
    • The Darkmoon Faire
    • The Defias Brotherhood
    • The Dragonflights
    • The Earthen Ring
    • The Explorers' League
    • The Farstriders
    • The Scarlet Crusade
    • The Syndicate
    • The Thorium Brotherhood
    • The Twilight's Hammer
    • The Zandalar Tribe
  • Chapter 8: Dark Warriors
    • Argent Dawn Forces
    • Atal'ai and Hakkari Forces
    • Cenarion Circle Forces
    • Cult of the Damned Forces
    • Dark Horde Forces
    • Dark Iron Dwarf Forces
    • Darkmoon Faire Forces
    • Defias Brotherhood Forces
    • Dragon Forces
    • Dragonspawn Forces
    • Earthen Ring Forces
    • Explorers' League Forces
    • Farstrider Forces
    • Goblin Forces
    • Murloc Forces
    • Naga Forces
    • Pandaren Forces
    • Quilboar Forces
    • Satyr Forces
    • Scarlet Crusade Forces
    • Syndicate Forces
    • Thorium Brotherhood Forces
    • Tuskarr Forces
    • Twilight's Hammer Forces
    • Zandalar Forces
  • Chapter 9: Creatures
    • Arachnathid
      • Arachnathid Earth-Borer
      • Overlord Arachnathid
    • Clockwerk Goblin
    • Couatl
    • Dragon, Chromatic
      • Chromatic Whelp
      • Chromatic Drake
    • Dragon Turtle
    • Hobgoblin
    • Makrura Prawn
    • Mur'gul
    • Nerubian
      • Nerubian worker
      • Nerubian spiderlord
    • Pandaren
    • Snap Dragon
    • Spiderling Swarm
    • Tube Wyrm
    • Tuskarr
  • Chapter 10: Adventures
    • Goldknuckle
    • The Lost Idol

Monster Guide references

This is a list of things that differ from the index list.

  • Mur'gul Shadowcaster (doesn't appear in Dark Factions, may have changed into the "mur'gul necromancer".)
  • Items
  • Chain Mail Barding of Speed[3]

Hinted at for future supplements;

  • Forgotten one (Found in a list of monsters in Monster Guide, a single reference in Dark Factions, removed from final product [1].)
  • Spell Breaker (class mentioned in Monster Guide[4])
  • Blood elf, Racial Levels: Unlike humans and some other races, blood elves can take a few levels in "blood elf" as a class to develop their racial qualities more fully. See a future supplement for this class.[4]


Rob Baxter (dragonspawn, pandaren, brewmaster, pandaren transcendent), Scott Bennie (Cult of the Damned, Defias Brotherhood), Richard Farrese (tuskarr, feats, subversive, vindicator, Cenarion Circle, Earthen Ring), Bob Fitch (set items), Bruce Graw (Chapter 5, "Goldknuckle"), Luke Johnson (Chapters 1, 2, and 9, death knight, high divinist, naga anomaly, naga and satyr history, Atal'ai and Hakkari, Darkmoon Faire, Zandalar tribe), Adam Loyd (feats, Chapter 6, Explorers' League, Farstriders, "The Lost Idol"), Jeffrey Moller (stat blocks), Andrew Rowe (dragonsworn, Scarlet battle mage, Scarlet inquisitor, Argent Daw, dragonflights), David Schwartz (martial enchanter, druid of the Nightmare, shadowmage, Syndicate, Thorium Brotherhood, Twilight's Hammer), and Amber E. Scott (Chapter 4, Dark Horde, Scarlet Crusade).
Creative and Rules Design Assistance and Additional Material
Chris Metzen, Ben Brode, Shawn Carnes, Samwise Didier, Bob Fitch, Evelyn Fredericksen, Brian Hsieh, Micky Neilson, Lisa Pearce, and Gloria Soto
Luke Johnson
Ellen P. Kiley
Managing Editor
Stewart Wieck
Creative Director
Richard Thomas
Art Direction and Design
Mike Chaney
Cover Artist
Samwise Didier
Interior Artists
UDON Studios, Satyr, Samwise Didier, Michael Koiter,[sic] Rene Koiter,[sic] Glenn Rane, & Chris Metzen

Blizzard Entertainment

Creative Development Manager
Shawn Carnes
Ben Brode
Evelyn Fredericksen, Micky Nielsen[sic]
Art Directors
Glenn Rane, Sam Didier
Blizzard Special Thanks
Chris Metzen, Gloria Soto, Joanna Cleland-Jolly, Lisa Pearce, Brian Hsieh, Cory Jones, Sean Wang, & Justin Parker


  • Some things are mentioned, but not seen in the book. Perhaps these were cut from the initial document [2], or were planned to be included in a future book. They include:
    • Faceless ones (removed due to Wrath of the Lich King development, a single racial is mentioned in Dark Factions)[what page?] 
    • Pit lords (removed due to The Burning Crusade development)
  • According to comments by Luke Johnson, the book was finished long before the release of the Naxxramas patch, but was delayed for a long period.[3]


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