Geyser Fields

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The Geyser Fields

The Geyser Fields is an area of land filled with geysers in the Borean Tundra. While machines have taken control of the northern sections some undead nerubian have taken control of the southern parts. Systems of hot spring pools surround the geyser fields on all sides. There's Steam Springs to the west, the Scalding Pools to the east, and the Festering Pools to the north.

The Fizzcrank Pumping Station, an oil platform the gnomes built to make fuel for their flying machines, sits in the geyser fields, where a hydrothermal system connects it to the Fizzcrank Airstrip.[1] There are enough natural oil seeps around that you see oil-soaked wildlife too. The whole place stinks of sulfur (and far worse up north where the undead are) while the pools are crusted with all sorts of interesting mineralizations that turn the landscape a pale white or bright yellow.[2]

One day while a crew was siphoning oil off the pump station in the geyser fields, they found a bunch of strange mechanical parts stuck in their pipelines. Since no gnome can turn down a puzzle, they figured out that all those parts belonged together, and they rebuilt them into a robot that looked like a giant gnome. It turned on, called itself Gearmaster Mechazod, and claimed to have been built by the titans. He informed all the gnomes that they were flawed beings, mechagnomes who had been tainted by the Curse of Flesh, and then kidnaped any gnomes he could find in order to convert them into cyborg monstrosities. Fizzcrank Fullthrottle lost several people to being turned into angry little robots before Mechazod got stopped by adventurers.[3]

Following the war against the Jailer, the brothers Bronzebeard reported that the fields are still crawling with undead nerubians, tunneling beneath them, which may answer why the geyser fields are relatively dry, as they are draining water away as well as interfering with the oil drilling. At the same time, the Steam Springs are still occupied by hostile robots, and the Festering Pools are still occupied by the undead.[2]

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