Coldrock Quarry

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Coldrock Quarry

Coldrock Quarry is a tuskarr quarry and holy site; it's where they carve their sacred ancestor statues out of the living rock,[1] and where they would perform rituals to honor their deceased elders. It is located to the east of Amber Ledge in the central area of the Borean Tundra.[54.3, 36.2]

Before the Nexus War, the blue dragonflight descended on the tuskarr one day and killed every single one in the quarry. They wanted the particular stone the tuskarr used for themselves, crafting surge needles from it,[1] under the supervision of Curator Insivius.

Following the war against the Jailer, the brothers Bronzebeard reported that new, brightly colored kites were floating in the breeze over the quarry. They met a crew of tuskarr, who explained that they are reclaiming their quarry, a process that'll be a long one, as the spirits of their slain shaman still wander among the rocks and must be laid to rest, while the wreckage of fallen surge needles befouls the ground. Despite the situation, their spirits were high, and they sang to their elders as they worked. The trio of dwarves offered their help for a day, and Magni spoke a great deal with one of their shaman.[2]

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