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Functions in this category have been removed from the API in a previous patch. Some functions did not have pages defined before they were removed.

Arena Functions

GetArenaCurrency() - Gets the amount of arena points a player currently has to spend. See GetCurrencyInfo() instead
IsBattlefieldArena() - Returns true if the battlemaster you're talking to can queue you for arenas

Auction Functions

GetAuctionInvTypes(classIndex, subclassIndex) - (7.0.3 Returns types of subcategories items.
GetAuctionItemClasses() - (7.0.3) Returns major auction item categories.

Bag Functions

QuestBagButtonIDToInvSlotID(buttonID) - Possibly for a virtual bag to display quest items in.
SetBagPortaitTexture(texture,slot) - Used to override the texture of a bag.

Battleground Functions

CloseBattlefield() - (4.0) Closes the queue for battlefield window.
GetBattlefieldInfo(index) - (4.0) Returns detailed information on the Battlefield you last opened a queue window for.
GetBattlefieldInstanceInfo(index) - (4.0) Get the instance ID for a battlefield.
GetBattlefieldWorldStateUIInfo(index)   - Get score and flag status within a battlefield.   - Removed in 1.12
GetHonorCurrency() - (4.0) Gets the amount of honor points the player currently has to spend. See GetCurrencyInfo() instead
GetNumBattlefields() - (4.0) Get the number of running battlefields for the last battleground queue window you opened.
GetNumBattlefieldWorldStateUI()   - Get the number of World State UI Info available.   - Removed in 1.12
GetSelectedBattlefield() - (4.0) Get the selected battlefield to join first.
SetSelectedBattlefield(index) - (4.0) Select the battlefield instance you want to join or the first one that becomes available.
ShowBattlefieldList(index) - (3.3.3) Displays a queue window for the specified battlefield. Only works if you are already in a queue for the battlefield. Index corresponds to location in queue array.

Character Functions

GetRuneType(id) - (7.0.3) Returns the type of rune with the given id.

Character Screen Functions

CollapseAllHeaders() (Removed in 3.1.0; possibly in favour of CollapseAllFactionHeaders)
ExpandAllHeaders() (Removed in 3.1.0; possible in favour of ExpandAllFactionHeaders)
GetDamageBonusStat() - (4.0) Returns index of which stat a player receives a damage bonus from increasing
IsTabViewable(tab) - Returns true if specified tab is viewable by player, false otherwise
SetInventoryPortaitTexture - Set the texture to display in the Inventory (character) screen.

Character Statistics Functions

GetArmorPenetration() - (5.0) Returns percent of armor ignored by your physical attacks.
GetCritChanceFromAgility("unit") - (7.0) Returns the amount of your critical hit chance contributed by Agility.
GetSpellCritChanceFromIntellect("unit") - (7.0)

Chat Frame Functions

ChatFrameLog() - (1.7) Obsolete

Container/Bag Functions

GetContainerItemGems(bag, slot) - (7.0.3) Returns item IDs of gems inserted into the item in a specified container slot.
HasKey() - (4.2.0) Returns 1 if the player has a keyring, nil otherwise.

Crafting Functions

Crafting API was absorbed into the TradeSkill API in 3.0. The following functions were not documented at the time of removal:

GetCraftCooldown(index) - Returns the number of seconds left for a skill to cooldown.

Debugging Functions


Glyph Functions

CastGlyph(glyphID, slot) - (7.0.3)
PROTECTED CastGlyphByID (glyphID, slot) - (7.0.3)
PROTECTED CastGlyphByName (glyphName, slot) - (7.0.3)
GetGlyphClearInfo() - (7.0.3) Returns information about the current cost of removing a glyph.
GetGlyphInfo(index) - (7.0.3) Returns details of the selected Glyph in the current players Glyph list
GetGlyphLink(socketID[, talentGroup]) - (7.0.3) Returns link text for a Glyph in the desired Socket.
GetGlyphLinkByID(glyphID) - (7.0.3)
GetGlyphSocketInfo(socketID[, talentGroup]) - (7.0.3) Returns info on a specific Glyph Socket.
GetNumGlyphSockets() - (7.0.3) Returns the number of Glyph Sockets available at max level. (Same result as NUM_GLYPH_SLOTS)
GetNumGlyphs() - (7.0.3) Get the number of glyphs available for the character's class.
GetSelectedGlyphSpellIndex() - (7.0.3)
GlyphMatchesSocket(socketID) - (7.0.3) See if the Glyph held by the cursor matches the desired Socket.
IsGlyphFlagSet(filter) - (7.0.3) Returns the current state of the selected Glyph filter
PlaceGlyphInSocket(socketID) - (7.0.3) Places the Glyph held by the cursor into the desired Socket.
RemoveGlyphFromSocket(socketID) - (7.0.3) Removes the Glyph from the desired Socket.
SetGlyphFilter() - (7.0.3)
SetGlyphNameFilter(string) - (7.0.3)
SpellCanTargetGlyph() - (7.0.3)
ToggleGlyphFilter(filter) - (7.0.3) Toggles the state of the selected Glyph filter

Guild Functions

GetGuildBankWithdrawLimit() - (4.0) Returns withdraw limit for currently selected rank in guild control. Renamed to GetGuildBankWithdrawGoldLimit
GetGuildRosterContribution(index) - (6.0.2) Returns weekly and total XP as well as weekly and total rank.
GetGuildRosterLargestContribution() - (6.0.2) Returns max weekly XP and max total XP.
GuildSetLeaderByName("name") - (2.0) Set member of guild as a new Guilmaster. Only Guildmaster.
GuildUninviteByName("name") - (2.0) kicks the defined player from the guild. (replaced by GuildUninvite("name")).
SaveGuildRoster() - (3.2.2) Removed in favor of the Armory.
SetGuildBankTabWithdraw(tab, amount) - (4.0) Modifies the stacks per day withdraw limit for select guild bank tab. Guild Leader Only.
SetGuildBankWithdrawLimit(amount) - (4.0) Sets the gold withdraw limit from the guild bank. Guild Leader Only. Renamed to SetGuildBankWithdrawGoldLimit

Looking for Group Functions

AcceptLFGMatch() - (3.3.0)
CanSendLFGQuery(typeID, lfgNdx) - (3.3.0)
CancelPendingLFG() - (3.3.0) Takes the player out of all LFG queues.
ClearLFGAutojoin() - (3.3.0) Disables LFG auto join (being invited to other groups automatically).
ClearLFMAutofill() - (3.3.0) Disables LFM auto fill (inviting other players automatically).
ClearLookingForGroup() - (3.3.0)
ClearLookingForMore() - (3.3.0)
DeclineLFGMatch() - (3.3.0)
GetAvailableRoles() - (4.0) Returns which LFG roles your character may fulfill.
GetLFGPartyResults(type, lfgNdx, index, partyIndex) - (3.3.0)
GetLFGResults(type, lfgNdx, index) - (3.3.0)
GetLFGStatusText() - (3.3.0)
GetLFGTypeEntries(type) - (3.3.0)
GetLookingForGroup() - (3.3.0) returns the player's current LFG state.
GetNumLFGResults(type, lfgNdx) - (3.3.0)
IsInLFGQueue() - (3.3.0)
LFGQuery(typeID, lfgNdx [, class]) - (3.3.0)
SetLFGAutojoin() - (3.3.0) Enables LFG auto join (automatic invites to other groups).
SetLFGType(slot, type) - (3.3.0)
SetLFMAutofill() - (3.3.0) Enables LFM auto fill (sending automatic invites to other players).
SetLFMType() - (3.3.0)
SetLookingForGroup(slot, type, index) - (3.3.0) sets a looking for group destination for one of the tree LFG slots.
SetLookingForMore() - (3.3.0)
SortLFG("type") - (3.3.0)

Lottery Functions

The following funtions were added in 1.12, but never actually used; subsequently removed in 2.3.

BuyRandomPicks(count) - (2.3)
CloseLottery - (2.3)
GetJackpotAmount - (2.3)
GetLastLotteryNumbers - (2.3)
GetLotteryPrizeInfo - (2.3)
GetMoneyPrizes - (2.3)
GetNextDrawTime - (2.3)
GetNumLotteryPrizes - (2.3)
GetNumPastDrawResults - (2.3)
GetPastDrawResult - (2.3)
SubmitNumbers - (2.3)

Mail Functions

GetNumPackages() - Not yet fully implemented. Currently it always returns 1.
GetPackageInfo(index) - Not yet fully implemented. Currently an index of 1 returns "Test Package".
GetNumStationeries() -(7.0) Not yet fully implemented. Currently it always returns 1.
GetSelectedStationeryTexture() - (7.0) Not yet fully implemented. Currently it returns "STATIONERYTEST" when the mailbox is open.
GetStationeryInfo(index) - (7.0) Not yet fully implemented. Currently an index of 1 returns "Default Stationery".
PickupSendMailCOD(amount) - This does not appear to exist any longer.
PickupSendMailMoney(amount) - This does not appear to exist any longer.
SelectPackage(index) - Not yet fully implemented. It does nothing visible.
SelectStationery(index) - (7.0) Not yet fully implemented. It does nothing visible.

Mount Journal Functions

C_MountJournal.GetMountInfoExtra(7.0.3) - Returns extra information about the specified mount.
C_MountJournal.GetMountInfo(7.0.3) - Returns information about the specified mount.
C_MountJournal.Summon(7.0.3) - Summons the specified mount.

Map Functions

SetupWorldMapScale() (1.12) replaced by SetupFullscreenScale.

Party Functions

CanSendInvite() - Returns true or false for if player can invite players to current event
InviteToParty("unit") - (2.0) Invite a unit to a party by its unit id (likely "target") (replaced by InviteUnit("unit"))
PromoteByName("name") - Promotes by name the target. (Probably PromoteToLeader).
UninviteByName("name") - (2.0) Uninvites (kicks) the named player from the current group if player is group leader. (replaced by UninviteUnit("unit")).
UninviteFromParty("unit") - (2.0) Kick a unit from the party if player is group leader. (replaced by UninviteUnit("unit")).

Pet Functions

BuyStableSlot() - (4.0)
ClickStablePet(index) - (4.0) ?.
GetNextStableSlotCost() - (4.0)
GetNumStablePets() - (4.0) Returns the number of pets in the stable.
GetNumStableSlots() - (4.0) Returns the number of stable slots you own.
GetSelectedStablePet() - (4.0) ?.
StablePet(index) - (4.0) Puts your pet into the specified stable slot
UnstablePet(index) - (4.0) Retrieves a pet from the specified stable slot

Pet Journal Functions

C_PetJournal.AddAllPetSourcesFilter() - (7.0.3) Enables all pet sources in the filter menu.
C_PetJournal.AddAllPetTypesFilter() - (7.0.3) Enables all pet types in the filter menu.
C_PetJournal.ClearAllPetSourcesFilter() - (7.0.3) Clears all pet sources in the filter menu.
C_PetJournal.ClearAllPetTypesFilter() - (7.0.3) Clears all pet types in the filter menu.
C_PetJournal.IsFlagFiltered(flag) - (7.0.3) Returns true if the selected flag is unchecked.
C_PetJournal.IsPetSourceFiltered(index) - (7.0.3) Returns true if the pet source is unchecked.
C_PetJournal.IsPetTypeFiltered(index) - (7.0.3) Returns true if the pet type is unchecked.
C_PetJournal.SetFlagFilter(flag, value) - (7.0.3) Sets the flags in the filter menu.
C_PetJournal.SetPetSourceFilter(index, value) - (7.0.3) Sets the pet source in the filter menu.

Petition Functions

BuyPetition(arenaFormat, "teamName") - (4.0) Purchases an arena team charter.
TurnInArenaPetition(teamSize, ...) - (4.0) Founds an arena team.

PVP Functions

GetHonorCurrency() - (4.0) Return the amount of honor the player has available to purchase items.

Quest Functions

ShiftQuestWatches(id1, id2) - Exchanges the order of two watched quests.

RealID (BNet) Functions

BNCreateConversation(id,id) - (6.2.4)
BNGetBlockedToonInfo(index) - (6.2.4)
BNGetConversationInfo(chatTarget) - (6.2.4) returns unknown
BNGetConversationMemberInfo(conversationID, memberID) - (6.2.4) returns accountID, toonID, name
BNGetCustomMessageTable(table) - (6.2.4)
BNGetFriendToonInfo(friendIndex, toonIndex) - (6.2.4)
BNGetMatureLanguageFilter() - (6.2.4)
BNGetMaxPlayersInConversation() - (6.2.4)
BNGetNumBlockedToons() - (6.2.4)
BNGetNumConversationMembers(conversationID) - (6.2.4)
BNGetNumFriendToons(index) - (6.2.4)
BNGetSelectedToonBlock() - (6.2.4)
BNGetToonInfo(toonID or presenceID) - (6.2.4) returns hasFocus, toonName, client, realmName, realmID, faction, race, class, guild, zoneName, level, gameText
BNInviteToConversation(target, player) - (6.2.4)
BNIsToonBlocked(ID) - (6.2.4)
BNLeaveConversation(channel) - (6.2.4)
BNListConversation(channel) - (6.2.4)
BNReportFriendInvite(ID) - (6.2.4)
BNSendConversationMessage(channel,text) - (6.2.4)
BNSetFocus() - (6.2.4)
BNSetMatureLanguageFilter(bool) - (6.2.4)
BNSetSelectedToonBlock(index) - (6.2.4)
BNSetToonBlocked(ID, bool) - (6.2.4)
CanCooperateWithToon(toonID) - (6.2.4)

Reporting Functions

ReportBug("text") - (1.3.0)
ReportNote("text") - (1.3.0)
ReportSuggestion("text","category") - (1.3.0)

Settings Functions

DownloadSettings() - (6.0.2) Download a backup of your settings from the server. - Removed in 6.0.2
GetBaseMip() - (4.0) Get the world appearance Texture Detail.
GetCVarAbsoluteMax("cVar") - (4.0) Returns the maximum value a cVar will hold
GetCVarAbsoluteMin("cVar") - (4.0) Returns the minimum value a cVar will hold
GetCVarMax("cVar") - (4.0) Returns the maximum value acceptable for a cVar
GetCVarMin("cVar") - (4.0) Returns the minimum value acceptable for a cVar
GetCurrentMultisampleFormat() - (6.0.2) Get the current in-use multi-sample (antialias) format.
GetFarclip() - (4.0) Get the world appearance Terrain Distance.
GetMultisampleFormats() - (6.0.2) Get the available multi-sample (antialias) formats..
GetTerrainMip() - (4.0) Get the world appearance Terrain Texture.
GetTexLodBias() - (4.0)
GetWaterDetail() - (4.0)
SetBaseMip(value) - (4.0) Set the world appearance Texture Detail (0,1).
SetFarclip(value) - (4.0) Set the world appearance Terrain Distance.
SetMultisampleFormat(index) - (6.0.2) Set the multi-sample (antialias) format to use.
SetTerrainMip(value) - (4.0) Set the world appearance Terrain Texture (0,1).
SetTexLodBias() - (4.0)
SetWaterDetail() - (4.0)
TutorialsEnabled() - (3.3.0) Probably replaced by a cVar
UploadSettings() - (6.0.2) Uploads a backup of your settings to the server.

Skill Functions

AcceptSkillUps() - (4.0) Accepts changes to skills; unused on live realms.
AddSkillUp(index) - (4.0) Spends skill points to improve a skill; unused on live realms.
BuySkillTier(index) - (4.0) Learns the next tier of a skill; unused on live realms.
CancelSkillUps() - (4.0) Rejects changes to skills; unused on live realms.
CollapseSkillHeader(index) - (4.0)
ExpandSkillHeader(index) - (4.0)
GetAdjustedSkillPoints() - (4.0)
GetNumSkillLines() - (4.0) get the number of lines in the skill window, including headers
GetSelectedSkill() - (4.0)
GetSkillLineInfo(index) - (4.0) get the information for a selected skill
RemoveSkillUp(index) - (4.0)
SetSelectedSkill(index) - (4.0)

Spell Functions

GetKnownSlotFromHighestRankSlot(slot) - (4.0) ? Ranks were removed from the game in patch 4.0.
GetSpellName(spellID, "bookType") - (4.0) Returns the spell name and spell rank for a spell in the player's spellbook. Use GetSpellBookItemName
UpdateSpells() - (4.0) Ensures spells in spellbook are loaded, fires "SPELLS_CHANGED" event when it is done.

Specialization Functions

NOCOMBAT SetActiveSpecGroup(groupIndex) - Changes the active specialization group.

System Functions

CheckReadyCheckTime() - (3.3) Unknown, called from UIParent's OnUpdate!
GetDoodadAnim() - Retrieved object animation state, possibly for movie scripts.
GetExistingLocales() - (6.0.2) Returns a list of installed language packs.
GetWorldDetail() - (3.0.2) Get the world appearance Environment Detail.
HideFriendNameplates() - Turn off display of nameplates above friendly units. (Now controlled by nameplateShowFriends CVar))
HideNameplates() - Turn off display of nameplates. (Now controlled by nameplateShowEnemies CVar)
RestoreVideoEffectsDefaults() - (4.0)
RestoreVideoResolutionDefaults() - (4.0)
RestoreVideoStereoDefaults() - (4.0) New in 3.0.8
SetDoodadAnim() - Controlled object animation state, possibly for movie scripts.
SetWorldDetail(value) - (3.0.2) Set the world appearance Environment Detail (0,1,2).
ShowFriendNameplates() - Turn on display of nameplates above friendly units. (Now controlled by nameplateShowFriends CVar)
ShowNameplates() - Turn on display of nameplates. (Now controlled by nameplateShowEnemies CVar)
UI TakeScreenshot() - Takes a screenshot.

Talent Functions

GetNumTalents([inspect]) - (6.0.2) Returns the maximum talent slot index.
GetTalentClearInfo() - (7.0.3) Returns information about the current cost of unlearning a talent
GetTalentRowSelectionInfo(tier) - (7.0.3) Returns information about the player's talent selection in the specified talent tier.

Taxi Functions

UI DrawRouteLine(texture, canvas, startx, starty, endx, endy, width, relPoint) - (7.0) Draws a line.
TaxiNodeSetCurrent(slot) - (7.0) Renumbers slots based on new current slot.

Toggle Functions

UI ToggleCombatLog - (3.3.5) Opens/closes the combat log.
UI ToggleKeyRing - Opens/closes the key ring.

Tracking Functions

GetTrackingTexture() - (4.0) Return the texture of the current tracking buff, if one is active.

Trainer Functions

CollapseTrainerSkillLine(index) - (4.0) Collapses a header, hiding all spells below it.
ExpandTrainerSkillLine(index) - (4.0) Expands a header, showing all spells below it.
GetTrainerServiceStepIncrease() - (4.0) ?.
GetTrainerServiceStepReq - (4.0) ?.
GetTrainerSkillLineFilter() - (4.0) ?;
GetTrainerSkillLines() - (4.0) ?;
IsTrainerServiceLearnSpell(index) - Returned whether a trainer was going to teach you a spell.
IsTrainerServiceSkillStep() - (4.0) ?.
SetTrainerSkillLineFilter() - (4.0) ?.

Transmogrification Functions

ApplyTransmogrifications() - (7.0.3) Applies all pending transmogrifications, and pays for the cost
CanTransmogrifyItemWithItem(targetItem, sourceItem) - (7.0.3) Returns whether an item can be transmogrified to look like another item.
ClearTransmogrifySlot([slotId]) - (7.0.3) Clears the specified transmogrify slot
ClickTransmogrifySlot(slotId) - (7.0.3) Facilitates clicking transmogrify slots depending on transmogrify state
CloseTransmogrifyFrame() - (7.0.3)
GetItemTransmogrifyInfo(itemId) - (7.0.3) Returns how an item can interact with transmogrification.
GetTransmogrifyCost() - (7.0.3) Returns cost, numChanges
GetTransmogrifySlotInfo(slotId) - (7.0.3) Returns isTransmogrified, canTransmogrify, cannotTransmogrifyReason, hasPending, hasUndo, visibleItemID, textureName
UseItemForTransmogrify(bag, slot, id) - (7.0.3)
UseVoidItemForTransmogrify(voidItemslot, inventorySlot) - (7.0.3) Copies the appearance of an item in void storage to an item on your character.
ValidateTransmogrifications() - (7.0.3)

Unit Functions

GetPlayerBuffApplications(id or "name"[,"rank"]) - (3.0) Retrieves the number of applications of a debuff or buff. (replaced with UnitBuff)
GetPlayerBuffDispelType(id or "name"[,"rank"]) - (3.0) Get the debuff type for a player debuff ("Magic", "Curse", "Disease", or "Poison".) (replaced with UnitBuff)
IsFeignDeath() - (2.1) Returns 1 if the player is feigning death, nil otherwise. See UnitIsFeignDeath.
UnitCharacterPoints("unit") - (4.0) Returns the number of unspent talent points for the specified unit -- usually 0.
UnitGetGuildXP("unit") - (6.0.2) Returns the Guild XP information for a unit. (added in Patch 4.0.1)
UnitMana("unit") - (3.0.2) Returns the current mana (or energy,rage,etc), in points, of the specified unit.
UnitManaMax("unit") - (3.0.2) Returns the maximum mana (or energy,rage,etc), in points, of the specified unit.
UnitIsTapped("unit") - (7.0.3) Returns true if the specified unit is tapped, false otherwise.
UnitIsTappedByPlayer("unit") - (7.0.3) Returns true if the specified unit is tapped by the player himself, otherwise false.
UnitIsTappedByAllThreatList("unit") - (7.0.3) Returns whether the specified unit is a community monster, i.e. whether all players engaged in combat with it will receive kill (quest) credit.

Quest Functions

GetQuestLogRewardTalents - (7.0.3) Returns number of talents awarded for quest completion from quest log.
GetRewardTalents() - (7.0.3) Returns number of talents awarded for quest completion for quest currently in gossip window.

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