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Added in 1.0.0 / 1.13.2

Returns information on a skill line/header.

skillName, header, isExpanded, skillRank, numTempPoints, skillModifier,
  skillMaxRank, isAbandonable, stepCost, rankCost, minLevel, skillCostType,
  skillDescription = GetSkillLineInfo(index)


number - The index of a line in the skills window, can be a header or skill line. Indices can change depending on collapsed/expanded headers.


1. skillName
string - Name of the skill line.
2. header
number - Returns 1 if the line is a header, nil otherwise.
3. isExpanded
number - Returns 1 if the line is a header and expanded, nil otherwise.
4. skillRank
number - The current rank for the skill, 0 if not applicable.
5. numTempPoints
number - Temporary points for the current skill.
6. skillModifier
number - Skill modifier value for the current skill.
7. skillMaxRank
number - The maximum rank for the current skill. If this is 1 the skill is a proficiency.
8. isAbandonable
number - Returns 1 if this skill can be unlearned, nil otherwise.
9. stepCost
number - Returns 1 if skill can be learned, nil otherwise.
10. rankCost
number - Returns 1 if skill can be trained, nil otherwise.
11. minLevel
number - Minimum level required to learn this skill.
12. skillCostType
13. skillDescription
string - Localized skill description text


Prints the player's skill lines.

/run for i = 1, GetNumSkillLines() do print(i, GetSkillLineInfo(i)) end

Patch changes

Cataclysm Patch 4.0.1 (2010-10-12): Removed.