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Returns whether an item can be transmogrified to look like another item.

canBeTransmogrified, failReason = C_Transmog.CanTransmogItemWithItem(targetItem, sourceItem)


String/Number : item name, item link, or item ID of the item that will change its appearance
String/Number: item name, item link, or item ID of the item the appearance of which will be copied.


boolean - true if targetItem can be transmogrified to look like sourceItem, false otherwise.
String/nil - If the items cannot be transmogrified, a token indicating the cause:
  • "MISMATCH" - Items are of different types, or one of the items is a vanity item (e.g.  [Chef's Hat]).
  • "NO_ITEM" - The character doesn't own both of the items involved.
  • "NO_STATS" - One of the items has no stats (e.g. an item with a random suffix identified by ID rather than link).
  • "LEGENDARY" - One of the items is legendary.
  • "INVALID_TYPE" - Item type cannot be used for transmogrification (e.g. non-equitable items, fishing poles)

Patch changes

Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Moved from CanTransmogrifyItemWithItem to C_Transmog.CanTransmogItemWithItem.