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Returns information for the item that is placed in the upgrade frame.

 icon, name, quality, bound, numCurrUpgrades, numMaxUpgrades, cost, currencyType, failureMessage
   = GetItemUpgradeItemInfo()


1. icon
number - Icon texture used by the item.
2. name
string - The localized name of the item.
3. quality
number : Enum.ItemQuality - The quality of the item, e.g. 2 for Uncommon and 3 for Rare quality items.
4. bound
string - The items bound status, e.g. Soulbound.
5. numCurrUpgrades
number - The current rank of the item.
6. numMaxUpgrades
number - The maximum rank of the item.
7. cost
number - The cost to upgrade the item.
8. currencyType
number - The currency required to upgrade the item, e.g. 1792 for [Honor Points].
9. failureMessage
string?Optional. Could be nil. - The reason why the item cannot be upgraded further (nil if the item can be upgraded).