River's Heart (subzone)

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River's Heart
Concept art.

The River's Heart[48, 62] is located in the central part of the Sholazar Basin. It is a small lake, under the sea level and surrounded by cliffs, in which all the four rivers of the region meet at its center and drain down high waterfalls into the basin. On its northeastern shore, the lake has a small beach named the Lakeside Landing and some trees around it, which means it must have been deeper at some point.[1] The lake itself is infested with Stranded Threshers that were washed in from the rivers that lead into it from the sea.

The Lakeside Landing is home to Pilot Vic, a [Cold Weather Flying] trainer, Marvin Wobblesprocket the flight master, and Tamara Wobblesprocket, a quest giver and Marvin's presumed wife.

It's unclear where all the water that flows into the lake goes. Muradin Bronzebeard called it "a puzzle and a mystery" and suggested that the water might flow into an enormous underground river system. Brann disagreed, suggesting that it was "something stranger and more magical than that", and Magni was of the opinion that the titans had made the area this way for a reason.[1]

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