Cartel Au

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NeutralCartel Au
Main leader  Leader Au'llano
Race(s) IconSmall Broker.gif Broker
Theater of operations Oribos, Challenger's Promenade, Tazavesh, the Veiled Market
Status Active

Cartel Au is one of the broker cartels. It was a navigator belonging to the Cartel Au that discovered Oribos for their race, though Ta'lora is unsure if the whim was premeditation or miscalculation.[1] Following their arrival within the city, the cartel established themselves as the main source of all crafting-related services in the Hall of Shapes.

Au'narim of Cartel Au is the top broker in the Challenger's Promenade in Maldraxxus. She keeps the place supplied with exotic creatures for the Maldraxxi to fight in the Theater of Pain.[2] She also runs a myriad of other businesses there including betting rings, performance enhancers, and whatever else the customers are willing to purchase.[3] Brokers from Cartel So[4] and Cartel Zo[5] are also seen working with or for her in this place.

Cartel Au is one of the leading cartels of Tazavesh, the Veiled Market. In this city, they seem to be focused mostly on hospitality and entertainment services. They operate Myza's Oasis as well as the Lap of Luxury, an exclusive place that requires the signatures of the city's leading cartels to access.[6]


Maldraxxus - Challenger's Promenade