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For the clan from the main universe, see Frostwolf clan.
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This article contains information and lore exclusive to the Warcraft film universe, which is considered to be separate from the main Warcraft universe canon.

The Frostwolf clan is an orc clan that has long made their home in Frostfire Ridge. One of the smallest of the clans, the Frostwolves are known for their skill in the hunt, but take no joy in the suffering of their prey.[1] They fight well and fully, but never do so out of rage or without reason, and will usually give up the fight when the other party yields.[1] They do not take prisoners, or slaves, and dislike the practice.[1] The Frostwolves did not hunt the draenei, and on one occasion had three Frostwolf children returned to them by the courageous outsiders.[2]

The Frostwolves value strength and fitness, and once adolescence is reached the weak and the frail are exiled to an almost certain death alone in the snow wilderness.[1] However, compared to the other clans, this is considered generous, as the exiled orc at least has a chance to earn their way back into the clan; whereas other orcs might simply drown sickly children at birth.[3]

The last clan to accept the invitation of Gul'dan's Horde,[4] under the leadership of the new chieftain Durotan, the Frostwolf clan traveled to the south where the Horde gathered at the Great Gate. With more than a month of travel and hunger having taken a heavy toll on the clan, only a small selection of Frostwolves passed through the Dark Portal to Azeroth, notably including Durotan, Draka and Orgrim Doomhammer, with the rest remaining behind.[5]

Following Durotan's interrupted negotiations with the humans of Stormwind, those Frostwolf clan members who had traveled to Azeroth were exterminated on Gul'dan's orders. However, at least two are known to have survived, namely Orgrim, and the infant Go'el, with Drek'Thar and Palkar missing in action.[6]

The rest of the Frostwolf clan remain on Draenor, where they are led by Durotan's mother and Lorekeeper of the clan, Geyah. These include artisans and shamans, as well as the children, old and injured, none of whom were deemed fit to pass through with the Horde's first wave.[7]



The Frostwolf clan were nomads who would eventually make a home for themselves within the Frostfire Ridge. Legends states one Frostwolf chieftain felt so tied to the region that he could not bring himself to leave and yet didn't want to force his people to stay. As a such he requested the shaman to grant him an audience with the spirits and would fastened himself for three days and nights in order to commune within the spirits, who called him stubborn and created the Stone Seat. From there on the Frostwolf clan would make a permanent home within Frostfire Ridge.[8] The Frostwolves would also exile those they considered weak but should the exiled prove themselves strong they were allowed to return to the clan during Midsummer.[9]

By the time Gul'dan rose to power, due to Draenor undergoing hardships (longer winters, short springs and summers, a shortage of game to hunt), the Frostwolves were led by Garad who later accept to hear Gul'dan out after the later invoked the right of parlay. However Garad would be unmoved by Gul'dan's words and refused to join the Horde and ended the parlay. In accordance with parlay tradition Gul'dan would give him a ceremonial dagger as a gift, but unknown to all the blade was poisoned. Sometime after Gul'dan departure the Frostwolves and Red Walkers would clash in battle and in his final moments the weakened Garad would realize that Gul'dan was responsible.[10] The Frostwolves, ignorant of Gul'dan's role in Garad's death, would bury Garad according to tradition and then come under the leadership of his son Durotan.

Over time the Red Walkers would grow bold and directly attack the Frostwolves but would be repelled and with the death of their hunting party the Red Walkers would retreat north. While leaving a few scouts to watch over the Frostwolves the Red Walkers would through unknown means take their strength from the spirits, all the while anticipating that the Frostwolves would come to their aid.[11] The weakening of the spirits would prevent the likes of Drek'Thar to hear their warnings and the clan would be caught off guard by the eruption of the volcano. While the bulk the clan would be spared, the Frostwolves would be forced to find a new home.

In this time of uncertainly Gul'dan would try to once again to gain Frostwolf support for the Horde and Durotan would be greatly tempted to join. However he ultimately rejected convinced that doing so would make them the warlock's slaves. A surprised Garona would use the Draenei tongue to warn them that Gul'dan was dangerous, and Draka (who had learned the tongue in her exile) informed her that they knew, though when Gul'dan demanded to know what was said Drake informed that warlock that Garona had called them fools. Accepting this Gul'dan then called Durotan stubborn but remarked that should he see wisdom and change his mind all he had to was head to Tanaan Jungle.[12] While the likes of Doomhammer and Drek'thar would praise Durotan, other Frostwolves were in disagreement with rejecting the Horde and Durotan would be challenged by Nokrar and despite winning Durotan would refuse to kill arguing that too many Frostwolf lives had been lost. Nokrar, still convinced to join the Horde, would take his family and leave and Durotan would give chase to prevent the loss of Frostwolf lives. While Nokrar's family would be recovered Nokrar and the rest of his family would be killed and eaten by the Red Walkers, a fact that would horrify Durotan.

Sometime later the spirits would be able to get a message of sorts to Drek'Thar and Durotan decided to lead a party north to aid the spirits, while leaving Draka and Doomhammer in charge. With Durotan and his war party gone the opportunistic Red Walkers struck out against the Frostwolves in order to wound them and use them as a food supply. Unknown to the Red Walkers the weakened spirits still had enough energy to give one final gift to the Frostwolves and Durotan and his party rushed south and the Frostwolves under the command of Draka and Orgrim Doomhammer fought to kill their enemies. As a result Durotan would arrive in the midst of the fighting and the Red Walkers would ultimately be destroyed, and it's Chieftain would only live long enough to inform Durotan of how a once noble clan had fallen.[13] While the Frostwolves wanted to leave their corpses rot, Durotan would order that the Red Walkers would be buried because despite their sins, they were still orcs and by them treating with respect the Frostwolves would remind themselves of what they never would become.[14]

The war with the Red Walkers and hardships had taken a toll on the Frostwolves and in order to survive the the clan would march south and join the Horde.[15] In order to survive the month-long trek, they would have to leave behind much of their belongings, including their many thick furs. Geyah, the clan's lorekeeper advised them to take what they could from Frostfire Ridge to remind them of their clan's heritage.[16]


Upon entering Azeroth the Frostwolves joined in the raiding parties, but refused to assault the human's defenseless settlements, seeing no honor in attacking those who could not defend themselves. As Gul'dan's fel magic began to sicken the land around them, Durotan, wishing the best for his son and his people, decided to work with the humans to stop Gul'dan. After spotting a human scout party sneaking away from the orc encampment, Durotan spoke to Garona and persuaded her to arrange a meeting with the humans.

The clan met with King Llane Wrynn, Anduin Lothar and others, with Garona serving as translator, and informed them that Gul'dan would soon be ready to open the Portal, and that he must be stopped before he could accomplish this. Durotan asked the humans to attack the camp, allowing him time to tackle Gul'dan personally. In exchange, he grudgingly agreed that the Frostwolves would hold the Horde at bay while the humans gathered their forces.

Unbeknownst to Durotan, Orgrim had been unable to stomach betraying his own people, and had told Gul'dan of Durotan's plans. As a result, the meeting was interrupted by an ambush by other members of the Horde, led by Blackhand. The Frostwolves fled to defend their own camp, but on arriving were taken prisoner by the others, with some killed and put on display as a warning. Durotan was imprisoned, but freed by a repentant Orgrim, horrified at Gul'dan's actions following his revelation. As the others slaughtered the remaining members of the Frostwolf clan, Orgrim helped Draka to flee, taking with her the infant Go'el.

The next day, as Gul'dan prepared to open the Portal to Draenor, Durotan challenged the warlock to a mak'gora. While Blackhand disputed his right to challenge Gul'dan, due to his status as "ghost", his clan having been destroyed, Gul'dan agreed to the match. While fairly evenly matched, the Great Gate soon began to form, and Gul'dan resorted to fel magic to quickly end the match, draining the life from Durotan. Rather than staying down, a dying Durotan rose to challenge Gul'dan one last time, forcing his attention away from the portal and highlighting his dishonor to the rest of the Horde. Angered, Gul'dan killed Durotan, although his use of magic sparked dissent among many of those gathered. Orgrim would later tear a tusk from his friend's jaw, with the intention of one day presenting to his son Go'el.

Draka managed to escape the encampment, but was chased down and killed by the side of the river onto which she had launched her son Go'el, afloat in a basket. Go'el would later wash ashore, where he was discovered and rescued by the servant of an unknown human lord.[17]


  • The clan has two hereditary weapons, passed down from chieftain to chieftain: the spear Thunderstrike, used for hunting, and the razor-sharp battle axe Sever, used for battle.


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