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Summoners are casters that summon living beings, things or items, magic, and weather changes. They are mostly mages and warlocks. Summons can be mental or physical. Warlock summoners often act as teachers. Shaman summoner are able to summon elementals. Summoners are also able to open portals.[1][2]

Conjurers and archmages can summon and control a powerful water elemental comprised of water and air vapors, and scorpions. Far seers can summon spirit wolves. Dreadlords summon infernals. Crypt fiends summon swarms of vile insects. Scourge acolytes are able to unsummon buildings.[3] Mages can summon torrential storms or blizzards.[4]


In World of Warcraft

  • A mob who can summon other mobs to his aid. This may include anything from warrior-type mobs to beasts or demonic minions.
    • Summoner mobs are typically highly prioritized targets in a fight; either to dispatch quickly, or to keep subdued under crowd control. If they are left to their own devices for long, the number of mobs to fight increases, meaning more damage input on the party, and a longer fight.

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