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For the Halls of Valor boss encounter, see Hymdall (tactics).
Image of Hymdall
Title <The Guardian>
Gender Male
Race Iron vrykul (Humanoid)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Valarjar
Occupation Gatekeeper of the Halls of Valor and Skyhold, Champion of the Valarjar
Location Various
Status Alive

Hymdall is a powerful valarjar iron vrykul and guardian of the Halls of Valor.


Hymdall is the Gatekeeper of the Halls of Valor/Skyhold. When approached by the Battlelord, he tells them to obtain the Gjallarhorn in the possession of Svergan Stormcloak in Stormheim. Upon return, Svergan says that it was taken by the jormungar Jorhuttam and the Gatekeeper sends the Battlelord to Highmountain to retrieve it. Hymdall then accepts as both Gatekeeper and champion to the valarjar in the war against the Burning Legion. Odyn then ordered the Gatekeeper to sound the Gjallarhorn to call upon his son Thorim. Unfortunately, the halls of Ulduar have been overrun by the armies of the Legion, and Odyn will send the Battlelord along with his champions to assist. Although Ulduar is safe from the Legion's onslaught, Hodir recklessly rushed into the Legion portal to chase after Lady Ran'zara onto the Legion world of Niskara. Hymdall awaits in Azsuna with the armies of Odyn, and alongside Thorim himself to rescue Hodir from the clutches of the Legion. After successfully in saving Hodir from Fel corruption, the Gatekeeper was able to open a portal back to Skyhold but can only maintain for a long period of time.

Within the Halls of Valor, he has been charged by Odyn with guarding the High Gate, the entrance of the Halls. After he is defeated by champions, he opens the gates to them and press on through to continue their trial. Hymdall is later fought as a bodyguard of Odyn, alongside Hyrja during the Trial of Valor. The gatekeeper questioned Odyn about "being lenient with these pets of his." Odyn told him and Hyrja to fight to their hearts content to be prepared for the task ahead. He is present after Helya has been defeated.


Dragonflight This section concerns content related to Dragonflight.

Hymdall fought against Wrathion and champions when Vyranoth led them into the Halls of Valor to confront Odyn.[1]


Notable appearances
Location Level range Health range
Skyhold 100 - 110 611,763
Hymdall (tactics) 102 - 112
Odyn (Trial of Valor tactics) 112
Normal +Scales
Heroic +Scales
Helya's Throne (Trial of Valor) 112
Normal +Scales
Heroic +Scales



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  • It is done! The armies of Ulduar are bound by oath to join us now that we're in possession of the Gjallerhorn![2]
  • Our enemies are closer than we think.
  • The Legion cannot hide from us.
  • Speak, mortal.
  • If you only understood the implications of your actions!
  • The guard sees all! Knows all!
  • YOU on the other hand...
  • I'm starting to question Odyn's choice.
  • Do you ever give up?!
  • No, really?!
  • I... am very close to stopping the rainbow bridge, somewhere PAINFUL!
  • Suit yourself!
  • I am vigilant.
  • I serve Skyhold.
  • The battle is eternal.
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