Patch 7.0.3/API changes

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  • Glyph handling: CastGlyph, SetGlyph, GetGlyphInfo, etc.
  • GetInventoryItemGems and GetContainerItemGems (but gem information is still apparently extractable from the itemString)
  • GetQuestLogRewardTalents
  • API regarding in-field visibility changes to helms and cloaks: ShowHelm, ShowCloak, ShowingHelm, ShowingCloak
  • Functions regarding defunct stats Multistrike and Amplify
  • Frame method: Frame:AllowAttributeChanges()
  • Event UNIT_COMBO_POINTS (streamlined into UNIT_POWER)
  • CVar floatingCombatTextComboPoints (streamlined into CVar floatingCombatTextEnergyGains)
  • Model:GetModel() has been replaced by Model:GetModelFileID()