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Returns information for a recipe.

recipeInfo = C_TradeSkillUI.GetRecipeInfo(recipeSpellID [, recipeLevel])




Field Type Description
categoryID number ID of the category the recipe belongs to.
name string Name of the recipe.
relativeDifficulty Enum.TradeskillRelativeDifficulty?
maxTrivialLevel number
itemLevel number
alternateVerb string? Alternate verb used for the recipe (such as enchants, or engineering tinkers)
numSkillUps number The number of skillups from creating the recipe.
canSkillUp boolean
firstCraft boolean
sourceType number? Source of the recipe.
learned boolean Indicates if the character has learned the recipe.
disabled boolean Indicates if the recipe is disabled.
favorite boolean Indicates if the recipe is marked as a favorite.
supportsQualities boolean
craftable boolean? = true Indicates if the recipe can be crafted.
disabledReason string?
recipeID number ID of the recipe.
skillLineAbilityID number
previousRecipeID number? ID of the previous recipe in the list.
nextRecipeID number? ID of next recipe in the list.
icon number? FileDataID
hyperlink string?
currentRecipeExperience number?
nextLevelRecipeExperience number?
unlockedRecipeLevel number?
earnedExperience number?
supportsCraftingStats boolean? = false
hasSingleItemOutput boolean? = false
qualityItemIDs number[]?
qualityIlvlBonuses number[]?
maxQuality number?
qualityIDs number[]?
canCreateMultiple boolean? = true Renamed from createsItem in 10.0.5
abilityVerb string?
abilityAllVerb string?
isRecraft boolean? = false
isDummyRecipe boolean? = false
isGatheringRecipe boolean? = false
isEnchantingRecipe boolean? = false
isSalvageRecipe boolean? = false
Value Field Description
0 Optimal
1 Medium
2 Easy
3 Trivial


The following snippet lists the names of all the recipes for the current trade skill:

for _, id in pairs(C_TradeSkillUI.GetAllRecipeIDs()) do
	local recipeInfo = C_TradeSkillUI.GetRecipeInfo(id)
	print(recipeInfo.recipeID, recipeInfo.name)

Patch changes

Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Added.