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Added in 7.0.3

Returns information for a tradeskill category.

categoryInfo = C_TradeSkillUI.GetCategoryInfo(categoryID[, returnTable])


number - The ID of the tradeskill category to get information for.
table - Optional. The table to return the information in.


table - A table containing information for the category:
Field Type Description
name String Name of the category
enabled Boolean Is the category enabled
categoryID Number ID of the category
parentCategoryID Number ID of the category above this one
type String How should this category be displayed in the recipe list
hasProgressBar Boolean Should a progress bar be displayed for this category
numIndents Number How deeply to indent this category in the recipe list
skillLineStartingRank Number At what level does this category start learning ranks
skillLineMaxLevel Number At what level does this category stop learning ranks
skillLineCurrentLevel Number Current level of category skill


  • Using the optional 'returnTable' argument improves performance by not creating a new table for each call to the function. This is particularly useful when iterating over all the recipes for a trade skill.
  • type has been seen as either "header", which is used for top-level expansion recipe categories, or "subheader", which is used for what in the old system were specializations (such as "Way of the Grill")

Patch changes

Legion Patch 7.0.3 (2016-07-19): Added.

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