Patch 7.1.0/API changes

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  • New API: GetPhysicalScreenSize, GetDetailedItemLevelInfo
  • New XML frame attributes: intrinsic, clipChildren
  • New frame methods: frame:SetClipsChildren(boolean), frame:DoesClipChildren()
  • New CVars:
    • NameplatePersonalShowAlways - Determines if the the personal nameplate is always shown.
    • NameplatePersonalShowInCombat - Determines if the the personal nameplate is shown when you enter combat.
    • NameplatePersonalShowWithTarget - Determines if the personal nameplate is shown when selecting a target.
      • 0 = targeting has no effect, 1 = show on hostile target, 2 = show on any target
    • NameplatePersonalHideDelaySeconds - Determines the length of time in seconds that the personal nameplate will be visible after no visibility conditions are met.
    • NameplatePersonalHideDelayAlpha - Determines the alpha of the personal nameplate after no visibility conditions are met (during the period of time specified by NameplatePersonalHideDelaySeconds).


  • ScrollingMessageFrame is now implemented in Lua.
  • 'OnEnter' and 'OnLeave' scripts are no longer triggered unless ':EnableMouse(true)' has been set on the frame in question.
    • This has been confirmed as a bug and should be fixed before the patch is released.[1]
  • GetItemInfo has four new returns: 14: bindType, 15: expacID, 16: itemSetID, 17: isCraftingReagent


  • TitleRegion


  1. ^ @TheDanW on #wowuidev