Mount Mugamba

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Not to be confused with Mugambala.
Mount Mugamba.

Mount Mugamba (or Mount Mugambala)[1] is the tallest mountain on Zandalar, located in Zuldazar's western region. The tombs of Atal'Dazar are secluded high atop Mugamba.[2] The Golden Road, beginning at the Temple of the Prophet, is a path up across the mountainside to Atal'Dazar. The Alliance has a camp at Mugamba Overlook at the base of the mountain's northeastern side. The mountain extends north and forms the southern border of Vol'dun, and the southwestern border of Nazmir.

In the RPG

A map of Zandalar from the non-canon RPG, including Mugamba.

Icon-RPG.png This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Mount Mugamba is an enormous mountain that towers over the jungle northwest of Zuldazar and is by far the highest peak on the island, rising from its center. Much of it is covered with snow and cold, despite the tropical weather below. Ice trolls dwell here, and their totems, chiseled of solid ice, are scattered throughout.[3]

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