Bone Wastes

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Not to be confused with Dread Wastes.
The Bone Wastes art.
The Bone Wastes.

The Bone Wastes is a desolate area of southern Terokkar Forest. Before Draenor's destruction it was a forested region, much like the rest of Talador.


The Bone Wastes were created on Draenor during the genocide of the draenei. After the fall of Shattrath City, many draenei fled to Auchindoun in hopes of defending it from the Horde. Exarch Maladaar organized the military defenses, and they fiercely defended Auchindoun from Teron'gor and the Shadow Council. As Maladaar and his forces closed in, Teron'gor sought out the warlocks who pooled their powers together to bring a powerful demon into the world, but summon something else instead: Murmur. His entry into the world send out a massive shockwave that ripped the earth asunder and Auchindoun was blasted apart. Waves of destructive energy rolled out and leveled the surrounding forest.[1] The warlocks overwhelmed the surviving draenei and bound them in chains, and contained Murmur deep within Auchindoun as well.[2]

World PvP

In the instance wings of Auchindoun, you can collect a [Spirit Shard] by killing the boss while your faction (Alliance or Horde) controls the five Spirit Towers in the Bone Wastes. You can see the rewards that you can exchange these tokens for at, Terokkar Forest PvP rewards.


While the Bone Wastes were already depicted in Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal, The Burning Crusade stated that they were created merely two years before the invasion of Outland.[3] The novel Beyond the Dark Portal changed things by saying that the explosion had really occurred during the genocide of the draenei when an artifact was accidentally discovered in Auchindoun. The orcs that discovered it released Murmur inside which blew up much of Auchindoun during its escape.[4] Chronicle Volume 2 later changed that story again.

In Warcraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal Auchindoun was also identified as Fortress Auchindoun, a held by the Bleeding Hollow clan.



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