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In Bwonsamdi's Shadow

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HordeIn Bwonsamdi's Shadow
Start Zolani
End Jol the Ancient
Level 10-60
Category Zuldazar
Experience 1,650
Rewards 2g 34s
Previous H [10-60] The Wounded King
Next H [10-60] Ancient Tortollan Remedies, H [10-60] The Scent of Vengeance, H [10-60] The Loa-Speaker's Betrayal & H [10-60] No Safe Haven


Speak to Jol the Ancient and Jamil Abul'housin.


Something is wrong, <name>.

My king is blessed by de loa in ways your kind cannot imagine. He has been given long life, swift healing, and strength beyond most trolls. But still, he lingers on death's door. I can practically hear Bwonsamdi laughing.

Two of his most trusted menders are with him. Go and find out what is taking so long.

I will make sure dey are not interrupted.


You will receive:

  • 2g 34s
  • 1,650 XP




Now you understand the precariousness of this situation. We will need your hands if we are to succeed in this complex bit of mending ahead of us.




  1. H [10-60] The Wounded King
  2. H [10-60] In Bwonsamdi's Shadow
  3. H [10-60] Ancient Tortollan Remedies, H [10-60] The Scent of Vengeance, H [10-60] No Safe Haven & H [10-60] The Loa-Speaker's Betrayal
  4. H [10-60] Mending Body and Soul
  5. H [10-60] The Will of the Loa
  6. H [10-60] Rastakhan's Might, H [10-60] Zul's Mutiny & H [10-60] A Strange Port of Call
  7. H [10-60] The Temple of Rezan
  8. H [10-60] House of the King & H [10-60] Heads Will Roll
  9. H [10-60] Partners in Heresy
  10. H [10-60] To Sacrifice a Loa

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