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Ancient Tortollan Remedies

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HordeAncient Tortollan Remedies
Start Jol the Ancient
End Jol the Ancient
Level 10-60
Category Zuldazar
Experience 16,450
Reputation +75 Zandalari Empire
Rewards 23g 40s
Previous H [10-60] In Bwonsamdi's Shadow
Next H [10-60] Mending Body and Soul


Collect an envenomed puffer spine, a brutosaur scale, and aged crab foam for Jol the Ancient.


Ah, yes, the situation is urgent. We must act quickly, but not hastily.

There is a way to save Rastakhan, but it will require three very specific ingredients. Listen well, young one.

The first, foam bubbling from the mouth of a crab. The older, the better.

The second, the spine of a puffer fish. Venomous!

The third, a brutosaur scale.

Why? These are the secrets of my people, <name>. Longevity is cultivated like the rarest of flowers... carefully, and with much practice.


You will receive:


The quality of the healing depends very much on the quality of the ingredients.


They are satisfactory. I will explain in due time what they are for.




  1. H [10-60] The Wounded King
  2. H [10-60] In Bwonsamdi's Shadow
  3. H [10-60] Ancient Tortollan Remedies, H [10-60] The Scent of Vengeance, H [10-60] No Safe Haven & H [10-60] The Loa-Speaker's Betrayal
  4. H [10-60] Mending Body and Soul
  5. H [10-60] The Will of the Loa
  6. H [10-60] Rastakhan's Might, H [10-60] Zul's Mutiny & H [10-60] A Strange Port of Call
  7. H [10-60] The Temple of Rezan
  8. H [10-60] House of the King & H [10-60] Heads Will Roll
  9. H [10-60] Partners in Heresy
  10. H [10-60] To Sacrifice a Loa


  • During early testing, the quest was named The Tortollan Way.

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