Barrowknoll Cemetery

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Barrowknoll Cemetery.

Barrowknoll Cemetery is a graveyard found in eastern Drustvar. The spirits of the dead lurk around the grounds. The cemetery is crawling with  [Gravebloom], an herb that grants the living the ability to see spirits.[1] Its keeper was Brutus Thornton.


Here lies Sir Aaron Cresterly

Defender of Drustvar

Valiant Hero. Loving Brother-In-Arms. True friend.

Grave Plaque

Here lies Samuel Coulter

You will always be the best of us.

Grave Plaque

Uncompromising Lord Dylan McCreary

First of his name, first in our hearts.

Grave Plaque

Beloved Lady Victoria Snyder

May her memory be eternal.

Grave Plaque

Marshal M. Valentine

Brave hero of the Second War.

Through your death, Kul Tiras sailed to victory.

Grave Plaque

Master J. Capaldi

Beloved Brother. Master Shipwright. Favorite Storyteller.

Taken by the Sea.


Walking around the cemetery may trigger whispers from a Mysterious Voice and a Ghostly Follower.

Mysterious Voice
  • We are the lucky ones. Not you. Not yet.
  • Her blood is making him stronger. Yours will, too.
  • I only wanted to help.
  • The burning ones kept balance. Lost now... lost.
  • The world will burn with the beauty that is to come.
  • She seeks that which must be earned by sacrifice.
  • Embrace your fate. All will drown.
  • Her whispers echoes loudest of all.
  • Their victory is closer than you know.
  • The cracks widen.
  • Night falls. Her song will end.
  • Your pride led to all of this.
Ghostly Follower
  • You feel eyes upon you.
  • You are being watched.
  • You hear faint laughter.
  • I know the things you've done.
  • Has she betrayed you yet? She will...
  • He's awake now. And he's noticed you.
  • Tell my Daddy I forgive him.
  • The Master waits for you to join him...

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