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Blackrock Caverns

Rumors suggest that Deathwing himself carved out the subterranean labyrinth that allows the Twilight's Hammer to secretly transport elementals from the majestic Mount Hyjal to Blackrock Mountain. A vital hub of this shadow network is Blackrock Caverns, site of the cult's blistering forge and some of its most heinous experiments, including the transformation of cultists into twilight dragonkin.

Boss icon Romogg Bonecrusher.png Rom'ogg Bonecrusher
One of the rare "missing link" ogres on Outland, Rom'ogg Bonecrusher piqued the Twilight's Hammer Cult interest with his merciless treatment of the ogres. He now lords over the Chamber of Incineration, sating his hunger for inflicting torment on others.
Boss icon Corla, Herald of Twilight.png Corla, Herald of Twilight
Formerly an accomplished Kirin Tor mage, Corla now serves the Twilight's Hammer with unwavering devotion. She blesses fellow zealots by harnessing nether dragon essences to transform these believers into menacing twilight drakonid.
Boss icon Karsh Steelbender.png Karsh Steelbender
The enormous drakonid Karsh Steelbender toils in the Twilight Forge, shaping weapons of war out of rare quicksilver. Although Karsh's works are nearly unbreakable under normal circumstances, at high temperatures they become brittle as rusted iron.
Boss icon Beauty.png Beauty
Beauty's past is a tale as old as time, a song as old as rhyme. After Beauty's mate, Beast, was slain by heroes in Blackrock Spire, the hound and its four remaining pups joined forces with the Twilight's Hammer, intent on punishing the creatures who killed its mate.
Boss icon Ascendant Lord Obsidius.png Ascendant Lord Obsidius
For his unyielding devotion and penchant for cruelty, the powerful shaman Dessirik the Depraved was gifted with ascension: a dark ritual that infused him with elemental powers, transforming him into a monstrosity known as Ascendant Lord Obsidius.


See Adventure Guide: Deadmines

End Time

One of an infinite number of potential outcomes, this timeway depicts the desolate future of Azeroth should Deathwing fail to be stopped. Nozdormu has identified a powerful anomaly that exists in this moment and bars access to the past - and hope of retrieving the Demon Soul. The powerful creature from out of time live alone amidst the time-twisted echoes of the past.

Boss icon BaineBloodhoof.png Echo of Baine
Enraged by his failure to protect the world and, most importantly, the Horde, this time-ravaged shade of Baine Bloodhoof lingers within the ruins of the Obsidian Dragonshrine. Although he's still as powerful as the tauren high chieftain from the present, within this shattered future Azeroth, this guilt-ridden echo is little more than a discordant vessel of unquenchable malice and anger.
Boss icon JainaProudmoore.png Echo of Jaina
The tormented fragment of Jaina Proudmoore has been split and infused within the shattered pieces of her staff. To restore balance to the timeways, this echo must be defeated. However, the devastating magical power possessed by the once-proud ruler of Theramore is hardly lost to her time-havocked spectre. In this future Azeroth, she is only divided, and waiting...
Boss icon SylvanasWindrunner.png Echo of Sylvanas
Spawned from shattered timeways and cloistered within the Ruby Dragonshrine, a maddened fragment of the Forsaken's leader, Sylvanas Windrunner, waits restlessly. Having lost everything and unable to find peace, this tormented echo aches for a chance to unleash her dark fury at anything still living within these barren, time-twisted wastes.
Boss icon TyrandeWhisperwind.png Echo of Tyrande
Once the leader of the night elves and High Priestess of Elune, this time-twisted fragment of Tyrande Whisperwind now wanders the wastes of the desolate future of Azeroth. Enveloped in a perpetual midnight, she has all but lost sight of the comforting light of Elune.
Boss icon Murozond.png Murozond
Now living outside of time, Murozond was once the great Dragon Aspect Nozdormu the Timeless One. After the titans showed him his own death, the tormented Nozdormu was tricked by the Old Gods into trying to subvert his mortality. As a result, Nozdormu shattered the timeways and created the infinite dragonflight... jeopardizing the very future of Azeroth.

Grim Batol

Don't be fooled by Grim Batol's humble exterior; many of this mountain fortress's desecrated chambers are buried deep in the Twilight Highlands. Once the stronghold of the Wildhammer dwarves, and later seized by orcs as a prison for Alextrasza,[sic] the city is now in the clutches of the Twilight's Hammer cult. Heroes brave enough to infiltrate the brooding depths of the stronghold must confront Deathwing's agents to thwart the mysterious evil within.

Boss icon General Umbriss.png General Umbriss
As Azeroth's champions and their red dragon allies assault the gates of Grim Batol, the malefic General Umbriss leads the fortress's cultists and twilight dragonspawn defenders.
Boss icon Forgemaster Throngus.png Forgemaster Throngus
A smith for the Twilight's Hammer cult, this massive ettin is eager to use the weapons and armor he's forged to annihilate intruders.
Boss icon Drahga Shadowburner.png Drahga Shadowburner
This Twilight's Hammer courier is on a mission from the Bastion of Twilight. Should heroes overcome his fiery minions, Drahga will reveal a portent of doom for Azeroth's defenders.
Boss icon Valiona Dungeon.png
Boss icon Erudax.png Erudax, the Duke of Below
Deathwing has dispatched one of his greatest lieutenants to discover the secret that several mighty red dragons have died to protect. From the cavernous realm of Deepholm, this faceless general will bring to bear the next generation of draconic power to obliterate those foolish enough to challenge him.

Halls of Origination

Constructed by the great titans, the Halls of Origination are filled with ancient relics and the fearsome guardians that protect them. Rumors abound that the complex also contains a devastating weapon capable of reordering all life on Azeroth. Deathwing has moved to obtain this terrifying device through his agent, Al'Akir the Windlord. Thus far the facility's communication systems have been fully corrupted, but the weapon inside continues to elude Deathwing's grasp.

Boss icon Temple Guardian Anhuur.png Temple Guardian Anhuur
In the final days of the Halls of Origination's use by titanic forces, Temple Guardian Anhuur was endowed with the willpower needed to wield the Light. Thus empowered, he was charged with judging the purity of those who enter the facility.
Boss icon Earthrager Ptah.png Earthrager Ptah
Outside Earthrager Ptah's tomb, the sand is littered with the bones of the creatures purified by Anhuur. It is said that Ptah can bend these remains to his will and send them against beings who manage to elude the facility's first line of defense.
Boss icon Anraphet.png Anraphet
The Anraphet maintenance unit was created to man the inner workings of the Halls of Origination. In the event that the facility is contaminated by foreign entities, Anraphet will access programs designed to annihilate the intrudes by any means necessary.
Boss icon Isiset.png Isiset, Construct of Magic
Isiset serves to regulate the arcane energies contained within, and produced by, the Halls of Origination. Legend has it that this construct has become enraptured with her own arcane mastery and the perfection with which it seemingly endows her.
Boss icon Ammunae.png Ammunae, Construct of Life
Although designed to reduce Azeroth to its base elements, the reordering system inside the Halls of Origination also creates new life. To that end, the construct Ammunae regulates the natural energies coursing through the facility to ensure that life will exist on a reforged Azeroth.
Boss icon Setesh.png Setesh, Construct of Destruction
Given the purpose of the Halls of Origination, the titans deemed it necessary to create Setesh, a construct who holds sway over the powers of destruction. Should Setesh ever fall to corruption, the results would be disastrous.
Boss icon Rajh.png Rajh, Construct of Sun
Rajh oversees the energies that have both sparked life and snuffed it out in an untold number of his kin. Considered the mightiest of his fellow constructs, Rajh holds the power to unleash the fury of a thousand suns upon Azeroth.

Hour of Twilight

With the Dragon Soul retrieved from the part, the Heroes of Azeroth now prepare for the final confrontation with Deathwing. In the frozen wastes of Northrend, the towering spire of Wyrmrest Temple is under the assault of Deathwing's Twilight forces. In order to save Azeroth, Thrall must arrive safely at the temple with the Dragon Soul in hand.

Boss icon Arcurion.png Arcurion
Horde and Alliance assaults against the Twilight's Hammer have slaughtered many of the cult's fearsome elemental ascendants. One exception is Arcurion, a formidable ice ascendant tasked to slay Thrall and retrieve the Dragon Soul. Should this twisted elemental being succeed, nothing will be able to stop Deathwing from ushering in the Hour of Twilight.
Boss icon Asira Dawnslayer.png Asira Dawnslayer
Former blade-for-hire Asira Sunbright was initially leery of working for the Twilight's Hammer, but the cult's generous payments quickly won her over. In time, she succumbed to the corruptive influence of her dark employers, even going so far as to take on the name Dawnslayer. As one of the cult's deadliest assassins, Asira has been called upon to exterminate Thrall and his comrades.
Boss icon Archbishop Benedictus.png Archbishop Benedictus
Archbishop Benedictus is the revered leader of the Church of the Holy Light. For years, his wise guidance has been instrumental in seeing humanity through bleak times. Yet beneath his apparent benevolence lies the shocking truth that Benedictus has pledged himself to the eradication of all life on Azeroth through the agency of his dark master... Deathwing.

Lost City of the Tol'vir

The Lost City of the Tol'vir is the stronghold of the Neferset, a faction of the cat-like tol'vir who swore fealty to Deathwing in exchange for a cure to the curse of flesh which had turned their rocky hides to soft skin. With the affliction expunged the tol'vir have rebelled against their benefactor, although they remain irrevocably twisted and hostile due to the dark pact that they made

Boss icon General Husam.png General Husam
The titans themselves appointed General Husam as one of Uldum's foremost guardians. After Siamat, Lord of the South Wind, cured the Neferset tol'vir's curse of flesh, Husam helmed a rebellion that culminated in the air elemental's imprisonment.
Boss icon Lockmaw.png Lockmaw
Amid the Neferset's chaotic insurrection against Siamat, the pygmy Augh pilfered whatever treasures he could from the ancient tol'vir city. Among his race, Augh is respected as much for his cunning as he is for his ferocious pet crocolisk, Lockmaw.
Boss icon Augh.png
Boss icon High Prophet Barim.png High Prophet Barim
High Prophet Barim is the hallowed spiritual leader of the Neferset. Along with General Husam, he rallied his fellow Neferset against Siamat and imprisoned the air elemental. Regardless, some dark force still drives Barim and his followers to terrorize Uldum.
Boss icon Siamat.png Siamat
Purging the Nerferset tol'vir's curse of flesh left the fearsome elemental Siamat severely drained. It was during this moment of vulnerability that the tol'vir struck and magically imprisoned Siamat at the center of their ancient sand-swept city.

Shadowfang Keep

See Adventure Guide: Shadowfang Keep

The Stonecore

Within the Temple of Earth, locked in the heart of Deepholm, lies the Stonecore. It was inside these caverns that the Twilight's Hammer toiled over Deathwing, hammering elementium plates to the Dragon Aspect's body in an attempt to hold his tormented form together. With his renewal complete, Deathwing ascended into Azeroth, shattering the World Pillar and destabilizing the region of Deepholm.

Boss icon Corborus.png Corborus
Deathwing enslaved the massive gyreworm Corborus and drove it to unearth the vast amounts of elementium required to forge the Dragon Aspect's new plating. With Deathwing's departure, however, Corborus has broken loose and now rampages though the Stonecore in blind fury.
Boss icon Slabhide.png Slabhide
With his powers as the Aspect of Earth amplified by the Old Gods, Deathwing easily swayed Deepholm's stone wyrms into serving the Twilight's Hammer. One of the most ambitious of these creatures, Slabhide hopes to earn Deathwing's favor by exterminating any intruders brazen enough to enter the Stonecore.
Boss icon Ozruk.png Ozruk
Ozruk has served as Stonecore's guardian since Deepholm's creation. It is unknown why Ozruk has remained in the Stonecore, but it has become apparent that the guardian now believes that anyone opposed to Deathwing is a threat to Deepholm, and should therefore be destroyed.
Boss icon High Priestess Azil.png High Priestess Azil
High Priestess Azil is one of the few who has survived communing with the Twilight's Hammer cult's eldritch masters, although little remains of her sanity. She instills terror in lesser cultists so that they will sacrifice themselves without hesitation when their masters command it.

The Vortex Pinnacle

The Vortex Pinnacle exists within the elemental plane of Skywall. Its elegant structures, crowned with bronze and gold, sit atop platforms bridged by pure air. Yet behind its exterior beauty, the pinnacle harbors Neferset tol'vir, as well as Al'Akir the Windlord's merciless elemental legions. As long as the barrier between Skywall and Azeroth remains open, terror will rain down on Uldum from the skies.

Boss icon Grand Vizier Ertan.png Grand Vizier Ertan
Ertan defends the Vortex Pinnacle under the command of her master, Asaad, against any ground-dwellers who dare intrude on the realm. To fulfill her duties, the elemental noble has been granted mastery over the primal forces of lightning and wind.
Boss icon Altairus.png Altairus
The immense storm wyrm Altairus maintains an unyielding vigil over the hovering platforms of the Vortex Pinnacle. The very energies of the storms pulse through this being, and he is said to command the wind currents that buffet the elemental fortress.
Boss icon Asaad.png Asaad, Caliph of Zephyrs
The fearsome elemental Asaad was named guardian of the Vortex Pinnacle by Al'Akir himself. With Siamat, Lord of the South Wind, imprisoned by the Neferset tol'vir, Asaad believes he may ascend to the Conclave of Wind if he performs his duties well.

Throne of the Tides

Deep within the Abyssal Maw's fathomless expanses lies the Throne of the Tides. From here, the great elemental lord Neptulon the Tidehunter has surveyed and protected his aquatic domain for ages. He now faces his greatest challenge as a force of serpentine naga and malefic faceless ones threaten to depose him, leaving his realm and its secrets ripe for the plundering.

Boss icon Lady Nazjar.png Lady Naz'jar
Lady Naz'jar played a pivotal role in retaking Vashj'ir from the brutal Kvaldir, earning her Queen Azshara's favor. Recently Naz'jar spearheaded an assault against Neptulon and succeeded in cornering the powerful elemental lord within his throne room.
Boss icon Commander Ulthok.png Commander Ulthok, the Festering Prince
Ulthok is an incredible ancient being sent by his Old God masters to aid Lady Naz'jar with invading the Throne of the Tides. Bristling with sinister powers, Ulthok commands legions of his fellow faceless ones in the deepest trenches surrounding Vashj'ir.
Boss icon Mindbender Ghursha.png Mindbender Ghur'sha
After his valiant efforts at the Abyssal Breach, Earthen Ring shaman Erunak Stonespeaker was abducted by naga forces and enslaved by Mindbender Ghur'sha. It is feared that this parasitic aberration has taken full control over Erunak's mind, body, and devastating shamanic abilities.
Boss icon Ozumat.png Ozumat
Tales of the monstrous kraken that terrorize Azeroth's high seas were once relegated to myth... but no longer. By some ill means, the naga have bent Ozumat - the patriarch of all kraken - to their will and unleashed him against Neptulon and his followers.

Well of Eternity

Ten-thousand years in the past, the night elven capital city of Zin-Azshari was a magnificent sparkling metropolis. Situated on the shores of the Well of Eternity, it was here that the aristocratic Highborne first opened a portal into the Twisting Nether and invited the Burning Legion to invade Azeroth. Under the command of the night elven queen, Azshara, they now pour their energies into the portal, preparing it for the terrifying and glorious entrance of the demon god Sargeras.

Boss icon Perotharn.png Peroth'arn
Like many of his fellow Highborne, Peroth'arn swore allegiance to the corrupted Xavius in exchange for gifts of demonic power. As a master of fiendish magic and recipient of the satyr curse, Peroth'arn stands outside Azshara's palace in defense of the Burning Legion, ready to destroy those hoping to disrupt the entrance of the Dark Titan, Sargeras, into Azeroth.
Boss icon QueenAzshara.png Queen Azshara
The songs of Queen Azshara's beauty, majesty, and power are too numerous to count, but it was her vanity that drove the Highborne to summon the Burning Legion. She now watches her most trusted magi empower the portal where Sargeras will be brought into Azeroth, content to let multitudes of her servants die in advance of the Dark Titan's arrival.
Boss icon Mannoroth.png Mannoroth and Varo'then
Varo'then, head of Queen Azshara's personal guard, and Mannoroth, the pit lord whose blood will corrupt the entire orc race, stand as the last line of defense against those hoping to bar Sargeras's entry into Azeroth. Though both Tyrande and Illidan have fought bravely thus far, the fate of Azeroth will be decided at the Well of Eternity's very brink.
Boss icon Varothen.png


Echoes of unfulfilled vengeance linger in the one-time capital of the Amani tribe, Zul'Aman. Though the Amani trolls answered their warlord's call to arms, Zul'jin was denies his goal of restoring the empire to it's former glory. Where he failed, the Zandalar tribe will succeed. Left unchecked, the unites tribes will reclaim their lands and savor a merciless retribution.

Boss icon Akilzon.png Akil'zon
As a former shaman of the Amani tribe, Akil'zon had a preternatural ability when working with the element of air. This talent caught the eye of Hex Lord Malacrass and made finding a host for the trolls' eagle god an easy task.
Boss icon Nalorakk.png Nalorakk
Hex Lord Malacrass considered Nalorakk - renowed for both his fearsome rage and savage strength on the battlefield - the ideal vessel for the bear god's essence.
Boss icon Janalai.png Jan'alai
Dragonhawks are deft predators that rend their foes with razor-sharp talons. This mindset and method of attack were also favored by one of the Amani tribe's highly skilled rogues, Jan'alai.
Boss icon Halazzi.png Halazzi
The lynxes of Azeroth are vicious hunters that shred their prey with fang and claw. Hex Lord Malacrass mused that it was only right to seal the essence of lynx god within one of the tribe's greatest hunters.
Boss icon Hex Lord Malacrass.png Hex Lord Malacrass
Rumored to be the most feared witch doctor of the Amani tribe in decades, Hex Lord Malacrass has done the unthinkable and sealed the essences of several mighty troll animal gods in their strongest champions ... keeping the darkest one for himself.
Boss icon Daakara.png Daakara
To fill the power vacuum left from the death of their warlord, Zul'jin, the remaining trolls of the Amani tribe chose their favored champion, Daakara the Invincible, to reclaim their lost glory.


Zul'Gurub was the capital of the Gurubashi jungle trolls, a tribe that once controlled the vast jungles of the south. It was here that Jin'do the Hexxer summoned the savage loa Hakkar the Soulflayer into Azeroth. Of late, these efforts have begun anew amid an alliance between the Gurubashi and Zandalar trolls that seeks to establish a unified troll empire.

Boss icon High Priest Venoxis.png High Priest Venoxis
Originally sent to kill Hakkar, Venoxis became enslaved to the murderous entitiy before falling to Azeroth's heroes. Through the efforts of the Soulflayer's agents, Venoxis has been ripped from the spirit world and ordered to defend Zul'Gurub with his venomous serpentine minions.
Boss icon Bloodlord Mandokir.png Bloodlord Mandokir
The infamous Bloodlord Mandokir died a torturous death before Bloodscalp trolls desecrated his body years ago. Word has now spread that Mandokir walks the jungles of Stranglethorn yet again, using the corpse of the mighty Bloodscalp chieftain Gan'zulah as a host for his malevolent spirit.
Boss icon Grilek.png
Boss icon Hazzarah.png
Cache of Madness
Among the hateful spirits in the Cache of Madness are Gri'lek, a Dire troll stripped of his regenerative abilities by the loa; Renataki, an infamous and sadistic warrior; Hazza'rah, a seer tormented by dire future visions; and Wushoolay, a mighty combatant bristling with the powers of the storms.
Boss icon Renataki.png
Boss icon Wushoolay.png
Boss icon High Priestess Kilnara.png High Priestess Kilnara
When High Priestess Arlokk was killed, the panther loa Bethekk chose her sister, Kilnara, as her new mortal champion. Supporting the recent pact between the Gurubashi and Zandalar tribes, Kilnara has unleashed her savage panther minions on the region's unsuspecting denizens.
Boss icon Zanzil the Outcast.png Zanzil
Exiled from the Skullsplitter tribe for turning his fellow trolls into mindless slaves, Zanzil was recently offered a place among the Gurubashi by Jin'do the Godbreaker in exchange for bolstering Zul'Gurub's forces. It is well-known that his toxic elixirs can even rouse the dead from their graves.
Boss icon Jindo the Godbreaker.png Jin'do the Godbreaker
After his defeat in Zul'Gurub, Jin'do's spirit was tormented by his failure to serve Hakkar's wishes. Jin'do recently found a way back into the world and enslaved the Soulflayer. Bristling with the dread god's terrible powers, Jin'do's plans to restore the Gurubashi empire to its former glory.