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Type Database
Registration Free
Launched 2012/3/22 (relaunch)
2007/02/03 (original)
Maintained by MMO-Champion, previously Curse
Status Active

WoWDB is a World of Warcraft information database intended as an accessory to MMO-Champion and as a successor to its previous database, which was not "aging very well". It is currently in a "late alpha/early beta" state.[1] WoWDB was acquired by Magic Find along with MMO-Champion on 11 June 2019.[2]

Initial incarnation

Previously, WOWDB (capital o) was a similar database created by Curse. The site design was "very much inspired by Wowhead, with questions whether it was even a 'rip-off.'"[3] Sometime in late 2010, Curse decided to close WOWDB. In their closure message, they referred visitors to their guild site, Wowstead, MMO-Champion's WoW DB, and, MMO-Champion's WoW Talent Calculator.


WoWDB Profiler - An addon used to collect in-game data through the [CurseForge client] for WoWDB. The data is automatically uploaded once the user has exited the game client.

As of 2024, its last version was 16 December 2018 for patch 8.1.0.


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