The Warguard's Trail

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HordeThe Warguard's Trail
Start Bladeguard Kaja
End Jorak
Level 30-60
Category Vol'dun
Experience 8,250 (at level 110)
Reputation +25 Voldunai
Rewards 9g 70s (at level 110)
Previous H [30-60] Knickknack Takeback, H [30-60] Searching for Survivors, H [30-60] Secrets in the Sand
Next H [30-60] Grozztok the Blackheart and H [30-60] Stolen Satchels


Travel with Meerah's Caravan in search of Warguard Rakera.

  • Speak to Meerah
  • Ride Meerah's Caravan


Rakera's journal suggested she moved south. It's de only lead we have.

Meerah is headed dat way, and has invited us to travel with her.

These vulpera know de desert better than any troll I've ever met.

Our chances of survival are highest if we travel together.


You will receive:


Ah, you're looking for de warguard? She's de only reason I'm still breathing.


Talk to Meerah to embark on the journey.

Dolly and Dot are strong and dependable. They'll get us where we need to go.
Gossip We're ready to leave.

The caravan sets off to the southwest, with Meerah and Kaja in the front seat of the wagon and the player in the back seat.

Kiro says: Be safe, Meerah. Our wagons don't always do well on the ancient troll roads.
Meerah yells: I always am!
Meerah says: Kiro's got no reason to worry. I've had plenty of practice! But you might want to hold on, just in case.
Meerah says: You keep an eye out for your friend. I'll keep my eyes on the road.
Meerah says: Zem'lan's port is to the south. Ships haven't sailed into its dockyard for years, but it's still our best chance at getting what Kiro and Nisha need for their attack on the sethrak.
Meerah says: Can you believe this wasteland was once the jewel of the troll empire? A jungle teeming with life... now whatever's left is buried beneath the sands.
Bladeguard Kaja says: How could Rakera survive in such a place?
Meerah says: I doubt she could. Most of your kind can't. Well, not anymore.
Bladeguard Kaja says: I will find her, or die trying.

At the Withering Gulch, something catches Kaja's attention:

Bladeguard Kaja yells: Meerah, stop de caravan! I see something up ahead!

The caravan disembarks. Kaja runs over to Jorak, who is kneeling next to a wagon surrounded by dead Zandalari Exiles.

Bladeguard Kaja says: Dis is Rakera's shield... Where is she? What have you done to her?
Kaja picks up and equips the shield.
Jorak yells: Jakra'zet's to blame for dis, not me. Rakera's de only reason I'm still alive.

Talk to Jorak to turn in the quest.


  1. H [30-60] Restorative Venom & H [30-60] Freshly Squeezed
  2. H [30-60] A Balm to Calm
  3. H [30-60] Knickknack Takeback & H [30-60] Searching for Survivors & H [30-60] Secrets in the Sand
  4. H [30-60] The Warguard's Trail
  5. H [30-60] Grozztok the Blackheart & H [30-60] Stolen Satchels

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