Searching the Ruins

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HordeSearching the Ruins
Start Warguard Rakera
End Julwaba
Level 30-60
Category Vol'dun
Experience 8,230 (at level 110)
Reputation +10 Voldunai
Rewards 9g 70s (at level 110)
Previous H [30-60] Knowledge of the Past
Next H [30-60] Creeping Death and H [30-60] Nature's Remedy


Find Julwaba within Zul'Ahjin.

  • Search for Julwaba


Dese dunes are crawling with assassins. Nowhere is safe, but we must press on.

De ruins aren't far from here.

Let's continue our search on foot.


You will receive:


Serrik is weak from poison. We're running out of time.


On accept:

Warguard Rakera says: We need to find Julwaba before Jakra'zet does.

Kaja and Rakera continue accompanying the player during this quest. Head directly north into Zul'Ahjin. Next to a large hollow with two dead Scorpashi Venomtails outside it, Meerah has caught up with and tied down Dolly and Dot.

Meerah says: Thank the sands you're safe!

Head inside, where Julwaba is waiting along with some unexpected visitors: the gravely wounded sethrak Serrik and his pterrordax, as well as Kiro and Nisha.

Bladeguard Kaja yells: Over here! I've found her!
Warguard Rakera says: Julwaba, are you hurt?
Julwaba says: I'm all right, but my friend here is fading fast.
Warguard Rakera says: You've allied yourself with a sethrak?
Julwaba says: It is a long story, one dat can wait. He will meet Bwonsamdi soon if we do not hurry.
Kiro says: Let me help. I know what ails him.


  1. H [30-60] Knowledge of the Past
  2. H [30-60] Searching the Ruins
  3. H [30-60] Creeping Death & H [30-60] Nature's Remedy
  4. H [30-60] Effective Antivenom
    1. Side chain: H [30-60] Magic Decoder Device
    2. H [30-60] Expedite the Excavation & H [30-60] Exterminate the Vermin (optional) & H [30-60] Rescue the Relics
    3. H [30-60] Power of the Overseer
  5. H [30-60] The Secrets of Zul'Ahjin
  6. H [30-60] Hollow, Empty Eyes
  7. H [30-60] Sulthis' Stone

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